Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chapter 7 Part 1: Kirra

Chapter 7
"Now, let's see here… Kirra. Now Kirra, how do you feel?" The examiner said.
"Fantastic? Good, good. Weight, good, height, good, food intake. How much food are you eating dear?"
"Oh, almost four meals a day. It's amazing. Wow, I can't believe it myself. I didn't know life could taste so good."
"Yes, I just love it."
"Wonderful. Check, check, check, check. Any thought of suicide lately?"
"Oh god no. Suicide?"
"Yeah. Check, check, check. Okay then. You're free to go. Just know this clinic is always here for you in times of trouble or need. Or when you just need to get away from the city. Think of it as an asylum of the world."
"Yeah, cool. That's great. Thank you so much. It's just amazing how much you've helped me." Kirra got up and stared at the examiner. She thought for a while then just left the room. She walked out of the building and entered her drivers cab.
"Hello Kirra."
"Hi Steven."
"Where to?"
"School would be fine."
"Okay then." He drove off and got onto the roads, slowly making his way to the school.
"Got any new music Stevie?"
"Watch you looking for? I have some of this stuff you kids like called rap. Then I have some classical. Both new."
"How about classical."
"Sure." He put on the music and drove along happily just as Kirra was. He eventually got to the school and parked in front.
"Thanks so much for driving me around this whole time."
"I've been delighted to kiddo. It's been fun. As sad as I am, I'm happy to see you leaving me."
"Me too. I'll miss you so much." Kirra moved in and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Bye Steven." She got out and walked up to the school. She went inside and to her first class: Philosophy. She entered the classroom and saw everyone sitting down, but Taylor. She took a seat and waited for the bell to ring.
"Hey." Matt said sitting down.
"Hi Matt."
"So, you excited for tonight?"
"Yeah. Sounds fun. Where is it that you wanted to go?"
"Scalianos sounds nice."
"And expensive."
"Nope. My dad works there we can eat for free."
"Oh cool. Scalianos it is." Chase walked in and took a seat right next to Matt.
"Matt. Tonight we're going out on the pull. Okay? Now that Taylor has announced the divorce terms, we can do whatever we want."
"Sorry Chase, he's going with me." Kirra said.
"Oh, where to?"
"What the fuck? You're telling me you're taking her to a fucking top end non-sexy restaurant on a first date? Don't be such a fucking pussy."
"I quite like it there actually." Matt said.
"Yeah, and he let me choose Chase, so that's where he's going."
"Whatta joke. Well, I'll join you then."
"What?" Matt asked.
"Yeah, I'll meet you there, what time."
"Okay. I'm going."
"Wow, Chase. Cool a group date. Can't wait…" Kirra lied. The bell rang and Julie came in.
"Hi class."
"Hey Julie." The answered.
"Now, there's someone I want you to meet. As you know, I'm going to be taking an indefinite leap of absence, so this will be my reliever. Mr. Sykes, please come in." He walked in the classroom and the familiar face was shown. Matt instantly flipped out and ducked his head.
"Is that your dealer Matt?"
"My dealer? That's…"
"No, it's yours. I would never get anything from that. Look at him. Fucking pathetic."
"Yeah, but he's going to fucking kill me now. He already said he would and now he's found me. I've been luck enough to get this far."
"He's not going to fucking touch you. You're fine. If anything he'll go after your friends first."
"Oh great so now everyone can blame it on me. Thanks so much Chase."
"Matt, don't worry. You're fine. He probably doesn't even remember you." Kirra said deciding to help. "Listen Matt. He's a teacher he can't touch you here. So he'll have to stalk you home and he won't. Stop fussing over nothing. Wow, you look so stupid. Like a fucking child."
"Yeah, okay." He lifted up his head directing his attention to 'his dealer.' He reluctantly stared into his eyes.
"Hello. So yeah. I'm Clyde Sykes. Nice to meet you all." He looked around and at everyone's faces, stopping at one in particular. He tilted his head and looked at Matt funnily. Then anger spread over his face as he moved on.
"He fucking remembers me. Shit!"
"Haha, so you're fucked. Who cares." Chase said.
"Well, good thing we're going on that date tonight. I get one from you before you die." Kirra said jokingly.
"Thanks guys." Matt tried to hide the best he could for the rest of the class and he left when the bell rang. Rushing out to the cafeteria to hide in the lunchroom. But when he saw Clyde walk in he rushed out. He then sat outside, soon to be joined.
"What's wrong Matt?" Fi asked.
"Yeah, you look like shit man." Maxxie said taking a seat on the other side of him.
"What's wrong with him?" Kale asked sitting down too with Oliver by his side.
"My fucking, or the one Chase said to go to, dealer is our new teacher. He's going to torture me and kill me."
"What? Say that again, I have no clue what you just said." Fi said.
"New teacher. Clyde. He is---uh---my dealer. Then, he wants me dead."
"Oh. That's nice. Well, I need to get to class. We all do actually. Have fun in your free period." Fi got up and started to leave.
"What? Don't go. I need, help." Matt said worriedly.
"It's fine Matt. You're good." As they watched him start to hyperventilate.
"Yeah, we'll get back to you." Kale said.
"Yeah, back to you. Soon." Maxxie added.
"Yeah dude. You're fine. Bye." Oliver said as they walked in, past Kirra.
Kirra's phone buzzed and she got it out of her pocket. Matt took out his phone to call his mom. She opened it up and saw a new message. She looked at it and it claimed, "EAT." She looked around at all the people, until she saw Matt, putting his phone back in his pocket. She thought for a few moments and left the school, on her way back home.
The hours passed by and the time eventually came for her to go meet Matt. She left her home and walked her way down the streets. She made her way to the restaurant and sat on the bench in front.
"Did you ever realize how horrible that kid is? He makes you wait, he forgets about his dates, he doesn't even fucking chase after you. It's amazing how bad he is." Chase said sitting next to Kirra.
"I'd take that then waking up seeing him blow one of my best friends." Kirra said becoming mad.
"Hey, that's not a valid statement. He was bored, I was bored and are we bored now? No. I did it for fun."
"Fun? That's not fun. Fun is something you enjoy and others enjoy. Not something you get joy out of doing because you make others feel like complete asses. You have a messed up logic if you think so."
"Well, no ones bored. I call that fun." Matt walked up at that moment and interrupted the conversation.
"Hey…You two."
"Matt! You came!" Kirra said childishly.
"Yeah. Don't want you killing yourself anytime soon."
"Wait, wha--Never mind. Let's go." Kirra said as she walked in. They were waited soon after and took their seats.

"Fun huh. Us three. Friends. Sitting together." Kirra said.
"Yes, very…" Matt said.
"Oh, don't let me interrupt you two. I'm not going to bother you. Pretend I'm not even here."
"Okay, cool. Wow, Matt. I like your clothes. Are the actually clean for once?"
"Well, yeah. I assumed this was a pretty special occasion so why not."
"Wow, Matt. So, I was expelled from the clinic today."
"Oh yeah? How'd you pull that off?"
"What do you mean? I'm fine now."
"Fine? You hardly eat, and everything else is just shit. Who you trying to fool."
"Matt, you hardly know anything about me, do you know that? Do you even know why I've been in any of these places you hear about?"
"No, but that's not important. I suppose, when you like somebody it doesn't really matter what's wrong with them." Chase smirked.
"I like you Matt. So, I'm going to tell you why. So, institution number one: Mind Institution. When I was born, I had trouble breathing. No air for so long caused problems. It screwed it all up. But, here I am today, going strong." Kirra smiled.
"You seem find to me. So, I don't think it really did do anything."
"Yeah sure Matt. Anyways, institution number two: Suicide. You already know."
"Well now. Wow."
"Yes. Wow. Institution number three: Eating Disorders. From previous problems the doctors say, caused this. But, it shows them what they know. I'm out of there. Weight is normal everything is perfect."
"How'd you do that." Matt asked.
"Weights in my clothes."
"No, I mean fool everyone about eating."
"Not right now Matt. Some other time."
"You know you can talk Chase? Right?"
"Oh I know. It's much more fun watching her drive the conversation, you making a joke of yourself, and hearing about your guys boring lives."
"Chase, why did you even come."
"Nothing to do. Bored. Why else?"
"Wow, interesting. Cock of the year, big bad ass Chase is bored. No girls to penetrate now?"
"Yes, Kirra. Everyone hates me. Sure." Just then Matt's phone began to ring. He took it out and saw the name across it. He answered it and began talking.
"Matt? Is that you?"
"Yeah, what's up?"
"Where are you?"
"Uh, I'm out with Kirra and Chase."
"You need to go. Leave now. You need to bring them down to the hospital. Now."
"Where? The hospital?"
"Yes Matt quick!"
"Why? What's happened?" Matt listened in. "What? What happened to him?"
"Your fucking dealer has shot him. It's not looking good."
"Where? What part of the body?"
"Actually three shots. One in the stomach and two in chest. They don't know about where though." Taylor's voice still in a panic.
"Oh fuck. Okay, I'm leaving now. The hospital. Bye."
"Bye Matt." Matt filled them in on what was happening, and he left. Kirra decided to stay behind. She didn't care whether that certain someone might live or die. She only cared about Matt. He once again left her. It just wasn't meant to be….


elliestories said...

I think Kira needs to do something evil to she and Matt can be alone. I'm still puzzled on who got shot though.

simon n josh said...

I'm wondering if this will bring Taylor and Matt closer together.

the oaks said...

Someone needs to put Chase in his place. I guess I wanted more Maxxie and Oliver.

ivy's closet said...

hmmm...I hope Kira does something to Chase. I like her with Matt though.

sid and violet said...

I finally update. Thanks for the note.

Oh. I do wonder how needed Chase can get and if Matt will be smart to know how much K really means to him.

cool dialogue.

e.l. said...

Yeah! you updated. Kirra had some very fun lines. Wonder where this is going.

Thanks for the notes. Thanks for reading the Cass & Cady one too...even past the point..which I may have to write my way out of..someway.

I hope you keep having fun with this one.

Cait said...

Thanks for looking at Blue Hearts...& the comment.

Looks like you've been busy. It should be interesting where it goes from here.

Keep Writing!

cass and dil said...

Here's the link to the Cass & Dil awkward moment.

maxxie and tony said...

thanks for the note..sometimes, you just have to mix it up..maybe I should edit a we bit too..

anyway, see where it goes. and I like spencer...I'm not sure how much Tony likes him.

It'll be interesting to see who got shot in the story and what is up with Matt & Taylor?

e.l. said...

I did catch Freddie tonight on Skins. Yeah, he's by far the best to watch. Actually, Cook & JJ look like they could be twins.

the oaks said...

Don't forget to check out The oaks today..sebastian & randy.

aiLee920 said...

thanks for the note you left on my blog... i am also not a fan of cheesecake, but i think its quite good... care to ex link?

billy and elliot said...

I hope Kirra will do evil things to chase or maybe matt if he gets too close to taylor.. what could she do?

I'm writing a fan fic from Taking Woodstock. Emil & Demetri..actually. I so loved Demtri and of course, Emil.

simon n josh said...

What is it I'm exactly waiting for Jared? I forgot?

Hopefully, I'm making some changes soon with Josh and Simon since perhaps I'm the one bored with them or maybe they are...hmmm..hopefully, it'll work out. They almost broke up once before. They don't seem to do well at celebrations. Perhaps its a british thing. You know, they like to have fights at soccer games and pubs and that kind of thing. I guess the Irish might up it a notch. Ever watch Intermission?

billy and elliot said...

you should seriously start your own blog.especially, with em busy with her other stuff. Then you could post when you wanted. I would read it.

Thanks for the note. Did you see Taking Woodstock? I really liked it. If you are into the music you won't care for it so much, but I really liked Demetri and Emil too...naturally.

loni said...

I love the title collage!!
You're invited to my blog I have a nice giveaway this weekend!