Monday, August 17, 2009

Chapter 6 Part 2: Fi

Fi knew how Chase would operate that night. She knew he was around somewhere, so she walked with Taylor home. She came to her home and her instincts were right. Chase was waiting on the doorsteps.
“Taylor! And Fi… Can you give me some time alone?”
“I don’t think so Chase.” Fi shook her head.
“Fine. Listen Taylor.” Taylor cut him off.
“No you fucker. You listen to me. You know you don’t love me, and we’re done. Chase, I don’t trust you anymore.” Taylor said as her eyes watered up. “You know, when I’m with you, I get this indescribable feeling. You obviously don’t.” He approached her and forcefully kissed her on the lips. “Nothing.” She said as she walked off up to her door.
“Chase just fuck off. She doesn’t want to hear your voice. Leave it alone for a while.” Fi entered the home with Taylor and left Chase outside. Taylor knew she had lied. She couldn’t let go of him, but it wasn’t her fault, only his.
“What am I going to do Fi.”
“I can’t help you. You have to resist. He doesn’t love you.”
“Are you saying just let go?”
“What do you think?”

Oliver sat next to Kale and Fi in class. Taylor sat next to Maxxie and Matt. Kirra wasn’t present and Chase sat isolated in the corner. Angie entered the classroom and one by one the class presented their newest reports. When she called on Chase everyone sensed something horrible coming.
“I’m Sorry.” He read. “When you’re in a relationship, several factors play key roles. Loves, being the main one, followed by what you say, the words. Now, not everyone feels love. Some feel it in many different ways. Some find it hard to express. Elaboration is key, because those that don’t love can’t say the truth. Then the words. Some phrases work such as “I love you.” Then, some never work such as I’m sorry.” Taylor looked at Angie and Angie shook her head. Taylor got up and left the room just like the previous presentation from Chase. Fi left too.
“Continue Chase.” Angie told him strictly. Taylor sunk to her knees against the wall in the deserted hall. Fi got next to her and put her arms around her.
“How hard is it to say I love you?” Taylor asked.
“Think about when he says it. Elaboration?”
“When does he ever say it.”
“If he would just sincerely say in his voice, I love you. I’ll take it. He won’t. I’m sorry doesn’t cut it.”
“So much fucking drama lately…”
“I know I know. Isolate yourself. Don’t go to school. Leave the city if need be. If he loves you, he’ll say it to you. Just leave, now.”
“Yeah.” Taylor got up, Fi walked her home and Taylor went inside…

Fi walked herself home and skipped the rest of the day. She went into her room and thought to herself. ‘Maxxie and Oliver… That’s it, almost…” She opened up her piano and practiced her piece. She practiced and practiced until her fingers collapsed under her. She then sat on her bed. She opened up her phone and called Kale.
“Hey, what’s everyone doing today?” She said.
“Uh, we were just going to 24.”
“Alright, I’ll meet you there.”
“Sure…” Fi met them at the club and messed around with them all. Eventually she went and took a table, getting a drink. Oliver joined her, granting her wishes.
“Hi Fi.”
“Where’s Taylor?”
“Did you invite her?”
“She’s not going anywhere for a while.”
“Oliver I need to tell you something.”
“Don’t let go.” Fi stood up and left the club. She returned home to find Lizzy in the studio with her dad. They both were flirting with each other as Fi stared solemnly into the window. She angrily went to her room, soon drifting to sleep.
Taylor showed up at Fi’s door. She knocked on it loudly and Fi answered it. “What do you want?”
“I want to go with you to your competition thing.”
“Oh really?”
“Is that okay?”
“Yeah it’s perfect.” Taylor helped Fi with her makeup and everything else. Then they scurried off to the concert hall where it was to be held. Taylor took her seat and Fi stood backstage. Fi’s teacher stood there with her and comforted her.
“You’re up next.” The backstage manager told Fi. Fi waited for the current competitor to leave the stage until she got as close to the stage as possible. She heard the announcer and once he finished she went on stage. She put her music on the stand and the orchestra started playing. She hit the first key and immediately she was lost into music land.
Chase called Matt and reached the machine. He pondered about leaving a message or not for a good while and finally started talking.
“Matt, I’m sorry.” That’s all he said. The words he was good at saying, and the words that always led to failure…

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Skins choater 6 part 1: Fi

Fi opened up her piano and sat on the bench. She removed a piece of music from her bag and set it on the stand. She started playing it, allowing the music to remove her from the room. She was enjoying her self to a great extent when another noise brought her back to the world. She opened up the lid to her phone and listened.
“What Taylor.”
“Oh nothing, just wanted to say hi.”
“No you didn’t. You want to talk about Chase don’t you?”
“No? I was wondering if you wanted to go shopping for that dress for your piano thing this week.”
“Yes, honestly.”
“Alright fine, meet you at the mall?”
“Sure.” Taylor met Fi, and they shopped around until a familiar name called Taylor on the phone.
“What Max.”
“Taylor! You answered…”
“I didn’t have to you know that right?”
“Of course I do. I just really wanted to say something.”
“Get to it then.”
“Can you just, please, stop this with Chase. It was all my fault, I—I made him do it.”
“Well fuck off then.” Taylor hung up the phone on him and turned to Fi.
“What he say then?” Fi asked.
“That he made Chase do it. What a bunch of shit, Chase doesn’t take orders from anyone.”
“He could be right though. Maybe he offered it? You don’t know, but at least he’s trying.”
“What do you expect me to do fi? Pretend everything’s perfect?”
“No, because it’s not. Think about it Taylor. Would Maxxie, the one we’ve known almost our whole lives do something like this?”
“Forgive him. He loves you and you know that. You’re like a sister to him.”
“When he admits the real truth to me… Maybe.”
“And what if that was the truth?”
“Don’t do this to me Fi…”
“Fine, let’s go, we still need to find something.” The time passed by and eventually they found the perfect dress for Fi. They made there way back to Fi’s home and stayed there for the night.
Fi opened her eyes and saw that Taylor was not in sight. She walked down the stairs to the kitchen and saw her family eating. “Where’s Taylor?”
“She said she had to go meet up with Kirra. Something about her leaving the institution.”
“Oh, okay.” Fi sat down in a chair, and a plate was put in front of her. Moments later, a woman came in and sat down in another chair at the table. Fi’s dad kissed her and he gave her a plate. Fi and her brothers glared at her as she ate.
“Hey, I don’t think you’ve introduced us Ronny.” She said to Fi’s dad.
“Yes, well, this is Fi, that’s Miles and that’s Andrew. Guys this is Lizzy.”
“Nice to meet you guys.” She said enthusiastically.
“I can’t do this.” Fi said as she slammed her chair back and stopped off upstairs.
“Is something wrong?” Lizzy asked.
“Yes!” Miles yelled.
“You’re sitting in my motha’s chair! That’s hers! Only hers!”
“Oh, I’m so sorry.” She said as she stood up.
“No. This is anyone’s chair now, your mom’s been gone for years.”
“Well, I’m not sitting and watching this.” The two boys said in sync as the left the room.
Fi ran into her room with tears streaming down her face and flying off. She slammed the door behind her and went to her piano. She opened it up and started playing through her tears. Her dad came in soon after, disgusted at her behavior.
“That is unacceptable.”
“Unacceptable? Unacceptable is you! You won’t tell us anything! Who is she! Why is she here!”
“That woman is an inspiring artist who I just signed a record deal to and she’s here to record! Not that that is any of your business young lady!”
“Not my business? She sitting in my mom’s fucking chair and living in our house and it’s none of my business! None of MY business is who you fuck at night, that right there, that is ALL of my business.”
“As long as she is in my house, it is none of your business! And as long as she is in my house, she can do whatever she wants!”
“Ditto.” Fi walked out of the room and out of the front door…

Taylor walked up to the institution and found Kirra waiting. Kirra saw her and stood up. She rushed over to Taylor and gave her a huge hug. “Finally!” Kirra said.
“Hi Kirra.” Taylor said through a laugh.
“Thanks for picking me up Tay.”
“Of course! So, where to?”
“Well all you have to do is drop me off at the school and I’m good.”
“What? You don’t want to do anything?”
“Nope, I just want to go to school.”
“Alright then…” Taylor followed her directions and dropped her off.
Kirra walked around the school until she found Matt. She stared at him from afar, waiting for him to notice. After a while he looked up and saw her there. “Kirra?” He mumbled. He turned to Chase and told him to look, but the next time he did she was gone..
“I know she was there, I just know it.”
“Sure Matt… Any ways, I have to watch my sister later you’re coming.”
“Why do I have to go?”
“Because I said so.”
“I guess…”
Fi walked up to the school and went inside, the first person she noticed was the one she was looking for, Maxxie.
“Hello Max.” Fi said.
“Hi Fi.”
“You really got to stop fucking around. Tell her the truth.”
“I rather her and Chase happy than her and me happy.”
“Listen Maxxie. I know her. I know Taylor better than anyone. She will be back with Chase sooner or later, don’t ruin yourself over it.”
“Yeah, and has this ever happened?”
“Has Taylor ever seen her boyfriend with his mouth on her friends cock?”
“Don’t argue the point, just tell her the truth Max.”
“Alright, I’ll try…”
“Thank you Max.” She gave him a tight hug and went off to her music class. She entered the room and saw her teacher waiting.
“Hello Fiona. Thank you for joining me…”
“Sorry, I had some issues at home. I won’t be late anymore.”
“What’s done is done, get over it. Any who, have you chosen a piece yet?”
“Yeah, I think I’m going to do the sonata.”
“The 3rd?”
“Yeah that one.”
“Good choice. If you can pull it off you’ll win. Get it out then.” She motioned as Fi removed it from her bag. She sat down and set it on the stand and started to play it.
“Yes! Yes!” Her teacher said. “Fuck! Holy shit! Damn! Fuck my donkey that’s good!” Fi rolled her eyes as she played it. At the end of it, her teacher critiqued the only errors, and they went on with the lesson. Near the end the dean came inside and watched Fi play. Once she finished he walked over to the two.
“I don’t believe I know this young lady.”
“This is Fiona, Fiona Delphs. She’s going to be in the Young Musician’s of the Year competition.”
“Is she now?”
“Yes, and she’s going to win.”
“Well, we will see. I came in here though, to tell you something. Lately there has been a problem with the swearing.” Fi smirked at that.
“Well then, I’ll have a talk with all of my classes then, I’m sorry.”
“Well, it’s just… Never mind. Thank you.” He left and Fi finished her class.
Maxxie walked up to Taylor’s house and knocked on the door. She answered and immediately slammed the door shut.
“Taylor! Please…” Max said.
“Fuck off Max.”
“I’m not leaving until you talk to me.”
“Well have fun then.” Maxxie sat on the front porch and watched the sun go down. He was determined to tell her and he wasn’t going to leave.
“Fine Max.” Taylor said as she sat down inside by the front door.
“Here’s the truth. He said he was in Russia, he wanted to try something new. He pressured me into it. Then that night…” He continues on and a tear streamed down Taylor’s face. “I’m sorry…”
“Thanks Max.” Taylor said through tears.
“Alright, well I’ll see you around.” Maxxie got up and walked off on home.
Fi’s dad was having another party tonight, celebrating Lizzy’s new contract. Fi sat at her in home bar with Taylor and Olivia.
“So why did Chase drop you off here Livi?” She shrugged.
“She doesn’t talk Taylor.”
“She hasn’t talked in a while.”
“Why would we know? She doesn’t talk.”
“Fine then. I know what you did Fi.”
“With what?”
“He just needed a little bit of a push. I didn’t orchestrate anything.”
“It’s fine Fi, don’t worry.”
“Has Chase tried calling you lately?”
“Only a billion times.”
“Of course.”
Chase walked to his destination with Matt at his side. He got to a bench and sat down. “A bench?” Matt asked.
“Just a break.”
“Fine then.” They sat there for a few minutes. Chase got out his phone and went to his contacts. He tried calling Taylor, but no response. Next he called Livi, no response. He tried Fi, and he did get a response.
“What Chase?”
“Is Taylor there?”
“She doesn’t want to speak to you right now.”
“She doesn’t have to. I just want to talk to her.”
“No Chase.” She hung up the phone on him and put it back in her pocket.
“Kirra!” Matt said when he saw her leaning against a wall.
“No it’s not, she’s still in the loony bin.”
“She was right there!”
“Stop fucking around Matt, I need you to help, not fuck off. I already got her out of a relationship with Connor, now I just need her back.”
“What? What the fuck did you pull this time Chase.”
“Put porno pics of Reagan on his phone and sent them out to everyone.”
“Why did you do that? That’s sick!”
“You just need to learn to play the game Matt.”
“That’s wrong Chase!” Matt said.
“Are you bunching your fists at me Matt? If you want to hit me Matt, go right ahead.” Chase said as he got up and opened his hands up. Matt got up and backhanded him across the cheek.
“What the fuck? I said hit me not bitch slap me. That’s fucking hilarious! I can’t believe you actually slapped me!” Matt clenched his fists again and went in for a punch. Chase leaned over and countered back, knocking Matt to the ground.
“You better not be crying Matt.” Chase said as Matt got up.
“I’m not crying because you hit me…”
“Right. You’re crying for all the kids in Africa right?”
“You know I used to sorta look up to you?”
“Of course I do Matt. It’s more obvious than your love for Taylor.”
“Well you know what? You used to do things in hopes of being somebody, but now… This new Chase, you do things because you can!”
“Matt, everyone wants to be me. I sleep with girls, whereas you persuade them to commit suicide.”
“Now I can’t imagine anything worse than being you! You’re a selfish little prick. You haven’t got any friends. Not even your oldest friend likes you anymore!”
“You know something Matt? Every time a word comes out of your mouth little flecks of spit travel with the sound.” Matt stared at him for a long while and turned around and started to walk off.
“Come on Matt. Don’t be a little girl.” Matt flipped him off as he walked off down the streets. He walked on and on until he saw Kirra again.
“Kirra?” He hollered. She ran off down an alley as Matt ran over to where she was. He looked down the alley, but she was gone. He continued down the streets and entered Shocker’s Diner. He sat at the counter and ordered some food. He got out his phone and tried calling Kirra.
“Hey Kirra, I’m at Shocker’s care to join me?” He said in his message before hanging up. He looked up at his reflection in mirror-like ceiling and saw someone sitting next to him. He swiftly turned his head and saw Kirra sitting there.
“Hi Matt.”
“Hi Kirra? Why have you been following me around all night?”
“No I haven’t. You’re following me. You know you got a black eye growing?” Matt picked up the napkin container and looked at his eye in the metal casings reflection.
“Ah shit. Chase punched me.”
“Really? Wow! That’s wonderful!”
“Yes, separation anxiety. He’s afraid he’s losing you. We did a clinic on it at the center.”
“Kirra, do you mind if I uh, maybe uh, kiss you?”
“Really? Wow, I didn’t think you wanted to.” Matt leaned in and she turned her head. Their lips touched and they started to kiss. Kirra seemed to lead when Matt pulled away.
“Sorry, I’m usually better than that.”
“Okay, kiss me again.” He leaned in and this time he did a lot better, but he was interrupted by a phone call. He took it out and looked at it and saw the name imprinted on the screen.
“It’s Taylor, I need to take this.” He answered it and said,” Taylor?”
“Matt? Are you with Chase?”
“No, I just left him why?”
“Oh nothing. Can you come down to Fi’s house and bring everyone?”
“Uh, sure.”
“Thanks Matt, bye.” He put his phone away and stared at Kirra.
“I gotta go Kirra, you want to come?”
“No thanks.”
“Kiss me again.” Matt demanded.
“No Matt, I won’t.”
Matt followed Taylor’s directions and showed up at Fi’s home. One by one everyone left, leaving only three, Fi, Matt, and Taylor.
“Where’s Chase?” Fi asked Matt.
“Dunno, why?”
“Just wondering. So what did you do with Kirra?”
“Huh? How did you… Not much.”
“That’s not what I heard. You’ve fucked it up Matt. She’s given you another chance, and you’ve shot yourself in the foot. Call her right now and do the one thing she wants.”
“You know, you’re right, but you can’t control my life Fi.”
“Control your life? I’m giving you a suggestion. If you don’t want her then go ahead, don’t.”
“Give me the fucking phone.” Fi handed him her phone and he found the number and called.
“Hello? Who’s this.” Kirra said, confused by the voice.
“Matt, listen, you don’t have to talk. I’ve realized something. I really like you, even love you and I don’t want to fuck it up. Will you go somewhere with me?”
“Wow Matt. You sound like an old love movie.”
“Yeah, well that’s how I talk.”
“No, no. It’s good. So does this mean we’re going to go on a date?”
“If you want to call it that… I guess.”
“Wow, that’s fantastic! I’d love to. I just need to check my schedule, I’ll call you back uh, later.”
“Great… Bye.” Matt hung it up and threw it at Fi. “You happy now?”
“Wow Matt, that was kind of pathetic.” Taylor threw in.
“She fell for it though. I’d say it was kind of well played.” Fi said.
“Kirra would fall for anything, that doesn’t mean much.”
“Good point.”
“Hey, at least I fucking bothered to talk to her unlike you and Chase.” Matt directed at Taylor.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Chapter 5 Part 2: Taylor

Taylor walked into her kitchen and got a glass of water. She stared into her mother’s new husband, Tyler as he ate his food. He had horrible manners and Taylor was always disgusted by it.
“Do you have to do that?” Taylor asked.
“Do what?”
“Eat like that!”
“I’m only eating for Christ’s sake.”
“He’s only eating.” Her mom said as she walked in. He put down the plate of food and kissed her mom.
“Can I have some cash for today?”
“Yeah sure.” Her mom said as she got some out and gave it to him. “Don’t even say it Taylor, he’s my husband.” Tyler left the room and the door was slammed moments later.
“What are you planning on doing for the rest of today?” She asked.
“I don’t know. I thought I’d maybe go sell myself on the corner.”
“Okay, as long as you stay safe, have fun.”
“I broke up with Chase.”
“Oh! How come?”
“He went down on a boy in my history class while I was watching.”
“Oh, well just say you’re sorry, I don’t know. I have to get to work give me a goodbye kiss?” Taylor kissed her on the cheek and her mom left.
Taylor left too, soon after with a plan of her own. She walked down to Matt’s house and knocked on the door. Matt answered and looked astonished that she was there.
“Hi Matt.”
“Uh, hi?”
“It’s time Matt.”
“Time for what?”
“You’ll see.” Taylor took his hand and went upstairs into his room, closing the door.
“Have anything to drink?” She asked.
“Yeah there’s some wine in the cabinet right there.” Taylor found it and opened it up, taking a sip.
“So…” The both said one after another.
“Are you going to do anything?” Taylor asked.
“Uh, no?” She was silsnet for a few minutes, before she decided to make a move.
“Oh my god.” She got up and sat on his lap. She kissed him furiously, almost unreal. She took off his hat and shirt and he took off hers. She got down and unbuttoned his pants. Matt’s face changed from awkward to flabbergasted within seconds.
“I can honestly say that that has never happened before.” She got up and looked into his eyes.
“Feel my tits.” She said.
“Feel my tits.” Matt grabbed them and she moved her back around.
“Taylor…No.” Matt said, releasing his grip. “I’ve dreamt of this day three times a night and four times on birthdays for the past eight years.”
“Wow, really? Was I good?”
“Oh, very, but that’s not the point. This doesn’t feel right.”
“Why not?”
“Well, you don’t really mean this, and you and I are both missing someone right now, so I think we should stop.” Taylor stared at him and broke into tears. He put his arms around her and she rested her head on his shoulder. The door slammed open, revealing Matt’s dad.
“Hey Matt do you have any… WOAH! Sorry!” His dad said embarrassed and feeling sorry for his son.
“Don’t worry dad, Taylor is just a bit upset.” His dad crept out of the room and went on the staircase. He took out his phone and dialed Matt’s mom.
“Julia?… He’s not gay!” His dad said ecstatic.
Taylor and Matt stood before the institute that Kirra was in. They opened up the door, and asked the lady where Kirra would be. They followed her instructions and went outside. What they saw was interesting: A sanctuary that looked like a happier Disneyland. Everyone was dressed up in bright colors, and they all looked like they were having fun.
“What the fuck is this?” Matt wondered.
“Well, they’re trying to stay happy. How better could you handle it?”
“I guess. Where’s Kirra?” Matt said looking around.
“I don’t know. Keep looking.” They looked around and found her, she was sitting on a bench next to another guy. She had a blanket over her legs and a straw hat on. They went up to her and Kirra didn’t notice.
“Hi Kirra.” Taylor said.
“Taylor! Wow, Matt too.”
“Well, I’ll just leave you two alone.” Taylor said as she left them.
“Hi Kirra.” Matt said, frustrated because Taylor left.
“Why are you here?”
“Well I came to, uh. I really don’t know.”
“Do you want to stroke my pussy?” Kirra asked, leaving Matt confused. She grasped her blanket and pulled it down to reveal a cat.
“You thought I meant? Wow, Matty you are still the same. Meet Stanley.” She said pointing to the guy next to her. “We go on dates, such a happy couple. But he knows no sexual relationships, because I don’t do that anymore.
“But I’m still hoping…” Stanley said.
“Don’t, because your hopes fail. Any ways, how nice to see you. Is there anything you’d like to say?”
“Well, I just wanted to know when you were leaving this place.”
Taylor walked up to the food table setup for visitors and picked up a cupcake the size of your knuckle. She ate it, and that’s when she notice a women sitting in a wheel chair right next to her.
“Hello.” Taylor said.
“Hi deary. Would you like to hear a story?”
“No, I’m fine, thank you though.” Taylor smirked.
“Well then… They always serve me a rack of lamb with turkey at night, but I always say I only want a lobster tale because that’s what I ate every night in the palace with the prince.” Taylor laughed.
“More fairytales granny?” A man said as he walked up.
“No, I’m just telling her how you always server me lobster, but I want lamb and turkey.” Taylor laughed again because she had flipped it around. The man looked up and saw Taylor.
“Connor? What are you doing here?” Taylor asked.
“My mom owns the place. How about you?”
“I’m here to see a friend.”
“Oh, cool.”
“When do you get off?”
“Soon, what did you have in mind?”
“You want to go to the wharf when you get off?” Taylor said.
“Sure, see you there at four?”
“Sweet.” Connor pushed the women around and started moving her.
“Good job with that one. She has tremendous thighs.” The women said as she was pushed out.

“So tell me a secret Connor.” Taylor said as she took a sip of her drink. They were sitting outside on a patio in front of the bay.
“A secret huh? Okay.” Connor pulled out a bottle of pills and gave them to her. “I take these every hour. Doctor Stocks secret recipe. Keeps me happy, keeps everyone else happy.” Taylor handed them back.
“You’re very straightforward Connor.” Taylor said.
“Of course, what other way is there to be?”
“Well my ex…No. Say Connor what do you think about getting out of here. Maybe a few drinks, I don’t know.”
“I say, what took you so long to offer?” He got up and took her hand as they left the restaurant.” Chase lowered his newspaper and watched them leave.
“You know what, let’s skip the drinks. How about my house?”
“Let’s go.” Connor said as Taylor led the way.
Taylor sat under the covers half nude as Connor took one of his pills. “You really have to take those?” Taylor asked.
“You wouldn’t like me so much without them.”
“I think you should try without them for once.”
“I’m telling you, you would hate it.” Just then Taylor heard the door open. “Shit!” She said. “We’re supposed to be alone for another hour!” Taylor put her clothes on quickly and walked down stairs. She saw Tyler with a suitcase and boxes in his hands. A feeling of relief settled down her spine as she smiled.
“Running away?” Taylor asked.
“You wouldn’t understand.”
“I understand perfectly. The only reason I would assume my mom is with you is because you have a huge cock. Otherwise she wouldn’t bother with a prick like you. So, how about you wait and tell her yourself.”
“I can’t.” Tyler said. “Here, something to remember me by?” He handed her a vase with dogs all over it.
“Thanks.” Taylor dropped it and it shattered all over the floor. “Goodbye Tyler.” He left the house and Taylor returned upstairs.

Chase sat on a bench in the park where Reagan normally was. Within a hour she showed up and sat by Chase.
“Hi Reagan.”
“Hi Chase, I heard about what happened. I think you’re better off though. Less baggage.”
“We just weren’t on the same level intellectually. Not like you and me Reagan.”
“Of course not, she was just like yeah.”
“I got a project today.”
“What class?”
“Photography, Study of the Human Form.”
“Would you like some help?”
“Oh yes I very much would.”
“When can we start?”
“How about now.” Chase said.
“Your house?”
“My house.” He took her hand and ran off to his house with her.
Chase uploaded the photos to his computer and plugged his phone in. He downloaded the pictures to his phone and set off to find Taylor and Connor.
Taylor and Connor walked down the market streets. Connor had spoiled her with gifts and flowers the whole day. They happily walked around, Connor had his arm around Taylor. They reached the street and Connor stood waiting for cab. A man came around soon and “accidentally” bumped into Connor. “Sorry man. Sorry.”
“Don’t worry about it, it’s cool.” The man walked down to a table where Chase sat. He handed him a cell phone, and Chase gave him money.
“Thanks.” Chase said.
“No, thanks from me.”
Connor walked Taylor to a cab and kissed her on the cheek. “If you ever want to talk, all you have to do is whistle.” Taylor said jokingly.
“Oh come on. You don’t know how to whistle? You put your lips together and bl…” She was cut off by Connor’s kiss on her lips. He pushed her down onto the seat and closed the door. He tapped the top of the cab as it drove off. He walked off, happy because his day was perfect.
Chase held the two phones in his hands. He opened up all the photos from earlier and sent them to the other phone. He opened up the contacts on the phone and found the send to all button. He pressed it and the photos were sent to everyone on the phone.
Taylor felt the vibration of the phone and opened it up. ‘New Message from Connor!’ it said. She smiled and opened it up. She saw the picture start to materialize and grinned even wider. It opened all the way up and the smile turned to a deep frown. She started to cry some more, for this was the limit of the relationship, already.
“Yeah? Is that you Taylor?”
“Yes…” She said through tears.
“Are you okay? What’s wrong?”
“It’s Connor.”
“Connor? Who’s that? Meet me at the Kanker’s bar thing at uh 8:00.” Taylor reached her home. She heard crying from her mom’s room, so she went inside.
“Why is it that I can always find a man, but once we get to know each other they always leave. I can’t help it that I’m just being myself.” Taylor sat down next to her and hugged her.
“They obviously don’t love you then…”
“I guess…. Is it my big tits? My big bum?”
“You’re bum’s not that big.”
“But my tits are?” They both laughed for a while and stayed silent.
“Mom, I gotta go, I’ll see you later okay?”
“Yeah, bye.” Taylor left the house and walked off to the bar. She reached it within minutes and went inside. She saw Fi sitting in the lounge area alone on the couch. She sat down next to her and opened up the photos, giving the phone to Fi.
“Wow, I didn’t even know you could get your legs into that position!” Fi said.
“Well, you can. The worst part is he warned me. His whole family is screwy and he said he was too…”
“I’m so sorry Taylor. Well,that is pretty screwy. Taking beaver shots of your own sister.” She handed the phone back to taylor. “Delete them. Has he tried to ring you?”
“About a thousand times.”
“Don’t worry. Drink?”
“Yeah, sure.” Taylor walked up to the bar and ordered a round. She looked next to her and their sat Tyler.
“Tyler? How you doin?”
“Wan’t so clever as it goes.” Taylor huffed.
“Why is that Tyler? Maybe if you weren’t such an ass you’d be fine.”
“I just miss the big mouth, bum, tits, the great sex.”
“Watch your mouth, this is my mom. It’s only been one day you know.”
“I know. It’s just that I get jumpy, I want more even though I have enough. I’m a fuck. Does she miss me?”
“No.” Taylor lied. She felt guilt consume her and she decided to stop being so bitchy. “Yes, she fucking misses you. But you let her down Tyler, and that can’t happen again. So you decide stay, or go? Don’t you fucking dare go back on it either.”
“No.” Tyler got up. “Let’s go.” Taylor walked back with him and they eventually reached the house.
“I’m staying out here.” She looked at him and saw how shitty he looked. “Jesus Christ, spruce up man.” Taylor helped him out to make him look nicer and he looked at her for a while.
“You’re the right type of girl you know?”
“Yeah…” Taylor said agreeing. He went inside and she watched him off.
“Hello herp.” Taylor heard from the background. “Heard about pervy boy. He really needs to know how to use a phone. Send to all, you really gotta be careful with that.”
“Yeah, you’re probably right.”
“So…” Chase said.
“Can we stop this now?”
“Get back to normal?”
“Stuff happens Chase. You get over it.”
“Yeah, but…”
“Yeah, but, yeah, but…” Taylor rolled her eyes.
“Woah, Taylor. You got nasty.”
“Yeah.” Taylor shook her head. “Listen, what are you doing here…”
“I came because, it turns out, as it goes. I think I might love you.”
“That’s an awfully long sentence Chase…”
“Well yeah, but.” Taylor huffed and let out a short laugh. “Well, yeah.” Chase fixed himself. Taylor turned around and started to walk off. “Taylor!” Chase called for her. She turned around with a ‘fuck off’ look on her face.
“I said it okay? I’m sorry… I’m sorry.”
“Beg.” Taylor shrugged.
“Sorry?” Chase said confused.
“You heard me Chase.”
“Okay, uh---uhm. Look, please can we get back. I won’t do any of it again. The cheating and lying.” Taylor cut him off.
“Undermining, sneering, taunting, manipulating!”
“Okay. All those things. I promise… So?” Taylor smirked a bit. Got a little closer to Chase and put her hand to his cheek. She looked deeply into his eyes and was about to fall in, but she came to her senses and a sad face returned. She removed her hand and shook her head.
“So I’ll see you around…” Taylor turned her back and walked to the house. It practically broke her heart to do this to him, but she had to. Chase, now shocked and a bit confused stared at her as she left. For the first time, he had been torn…

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chapter 5 Part 1: Taylor

Author’s Note: Hey, This will be the last chapter that will resemble episodes in almost EVERY aspect. From Chapter 6+ you may see some memorable scenes, but it will be very different. Without further a due… Enjoy…
Chapter 5
Taylor got up from her seat and marched over in a rage to where the group was.
“Hey Tay!” Chase said happily. Taylor’s face tensed up and she kicked Chase right in the crotch. He fell to the ground and his hands cupped the area.
“Times up you prick! I’ve been waiting for you to tell me, but I’m done!”
“What’s wrong herp?” Chase asked as he got up unsteadily. She tensed up even more and punched him right in the face. Taylor walked off, down the field to go and sulk. She crossed her arms and tears started to stream down her face. Fi was close behind, ready to help…
“Taylor! What’s wrong? Did he screw someone again?”
“I tried to tell you. I really did.”
“Remember I was going to tell you, but you said no Chase issues.”
“Who! For Christ’s sakes…”
“Uh, big tit’s Mary, buck teeth from the camping trip, slutty Michelle, easy Jessica and posh girl from quire.”
“Reagan? Reagan Stock?”
“Yeah, her.”
“He promised he hadn’t…” Taylor paused for moments and continued, getting serious. ” Did you fuck him?”
“You heard me. Did you fuck him.”
“Taylor, come on you know I…” Taylor cut her off.
“I bet you wanted to fuck him. Didn’t you?”
“You know what Taylor, fuck off.”
“What?” Taylor said as Fi walked off. “Fi! Come on Fi!” But Fi was already walking off. Taylor walked over to a big tree and sat down under its shade by the trunk. Tears streamed down her face as she sat there. Maxxie approached her because he knew what she knew.
“Just fuck off Max.”
“Well, uh, just uh, please don’t tell anyone.”
“What? That you’re a dirty little slut who fucks around with other people’s boyfriends?”
“It wasn’t my fault, I didn’t mean for it to happen.”
“Well, there is no need to worry because I am going to tell everyone.”
“Taylor please.”
“Just go…” Taylor said calmly. Max stared at her for a moment then left.

“What did you do to her now?!” Fi asked Chase.
“I don’t know, but she’ll be back. No worries.”
“No worries? Look at her! She’s a fucking mess!” Fi yelled at him, by this time only Chase and Fi were standing there.
“She’s a mess because she doesn’t understand.”
“Understand what?! Why you fuck everyone you can put your hands on? That’s understandable, your Chase for fuck’s sake. That’s obviously not why!”
“Then I guess I don’t know why Fi.”
“Well it looks like Maxxie does, so why don’t I just go talk to him.”
“Go ahead, be my guest.”

Angie walked into the supplies room to pick up some stuff for the new week when her phone rang. She picked it up and heard the voice of Kale. He started talking as she listened. He face changed from angry to pleasured to sad.
“You’re never seeing that again let alone lick it!” Angie hung up the phone when she saw Taylor in the corner with a bottle of alcohol in her hands.
“God Taylor.” Angie said as she went and sat down next to her.
“Drink?” Taylor offered her.
“No, I’m fine thanks. What’s wrong?”
“I think I’m going to be sick!” Taylor said. Angie picked up a box behind her and put it underneath Taylor’s chin, but it was too late. She threw up right onto Angie’s clothes.
“I feel better.” Taylor sighed.
“Good, that makes one of us.” She said as Taylor threw up again on herself this time. Angie walked Taylor to the showers, and they both cleaned up. They put on new clothes and walked off to the classroom.
“Now, does this have anything to do with Chase?”
“Yes…” Taylor said as she started to cry.
“Well, would you like to elaborate?”
“I love him so much…” Taylor said over her tears.” and I made him go away.”
“Well, have you talked to him?”
“No, but he’s called at least forty times.” Taylor said just as the phone began to ring. She picked it up and without waiting she said,” Fuck off you ass fucker! I never want to see your tiny cock again! Fuck off! Just fuck the hell off! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!” She hung the phone up and tears streamed down her face again.
“Not quite what I had in mind, but I guess that works…”
“Angie! Angie!” Kale said from outside of the classroom.
“Oh god…” Angie huffed. Kale walked in and saw the two sitting there.
“Oh fuck!” He said, taking it the wrong way.
“Kale, just leave for me please.” Angie said.
“Okay Angie, but I’ll see you later.” He winked at her and left the room.
“Do you mind telling me who this is exactly about?” Angie asked Taylor.
“Me, Chase, Maxxie, every girl and boy Chase has fucked.”
“Maxxie?” Angie said as the bell rang for everyone to go home. “Well, how do you plan on getting home?”
“I’m supposed to walk.”
“No, no, I won’t have that. I’ll give you a ride.” They got up and went out of the classroom to find Kale leaning against the wall.
“What do you want?”
“I need a ride.”
Angie pulled off of the freeway to go to Taylor’s house. No one had said a word the whole time. She pulled in front of her house and Taylor got out.
“Thanks for everything Angie.”
“Sure. That’s what teachers are for.” Angie watched Taylor go inside, then pulled away.
“I don’t see why you couldn’t take the bus.”
“Left all my money at home.”
“Of course you did. I hope you know, what happened never will again.”
“Uh huh. I know you want me”
“I don’t want you.”
“Makes perfect sense.”
“It makes no sense. Kale did you forget I’m your teacher and these things aren’t supposed to happen?” Angie pulled into the parking lot for Kale’s house. She stared at Kale and he looked back at her. She pushed at him and kissed him furiously.

Chase stood in front of Taylor’s house. He knew she was in her room, so he kept throwing rocks at her window lightly. “Taylor!” He would yell sporadically.
“Why don’t you just leave her alone for a bit.” Matt said as he approached Chase.
“I just want to talk.”
“What did you do now? She’s really upset.”
“So? I just fucked around with Maxxie a bit, no big deal.”
“No big deal?”
“We were in Russia, I wanted to try something new.”
“No matter who you hurt along the way? As long as you can control both guys and girls, you don’t care what you do? No matter who you hurt?”
“Of course Matt. Everyone wants to be me. I am the one to model after, and you know it.” Matt looked at him. His face tensed up and he punched him in the opposite side Taylor did.
“You are pathetic Chase…” Matt walked off down the street to go to his house just a block down. Chase got up off the ground and stared at him.
“See Matt? Now you’re getting it! Now you’re getting it!”

Fi walked up to Maxxie’s house. She knocked on the door and his dad answered.
“May I help you?”
“Yeah, can I talk to Maxxie? It’s his friend Fi.”
“Oh yes, Fi! Please come in, he’s in his room.” Fi walked inside and went into Maxxie’s room. She looked at him and he looked back at her, they both were silent. Fi closed the door so no one would hear their talk.
“What did Chase do now. I know you know.”
“He’s weird now.”
“What do you mean.”
“I’ve known him for what, ten years, and he hasn’t care about me very much.”
“So, on the Russia trip when Oliver and I had another fight, when I moved in with Chase, he changed. He said he’d give me head, and he kissed me.”
“I know… Then later on when Oliver officially ended it, and I was drunk…”
“He didn’t…”
“He did.”
“So he waited until you were vulnerable then he bit at his chance. I’ve lost all the respect I had left for him now.”
“He thought Taylor was to hammered to see, so he did it, but apparently Taylor saw.”
“Did you let him?”
“Well I came to my senses in a few seconds and stopped him, but the fact is he did. How long do you think this will go on for.”
“Well Max, you may have been vulnerable, but you let it go on, you should’ve stopped it. It’s partly your fault.”
“I know, and I feel so guilty for it. What should I do?”

Taylor walked into the psychology classroom, because the bell rang. She took her seat and everyone else poured in. Fi sat down next to her, but everyone else stayed away. Kale sat down next to Maxxie, and he had marks all over his neck.
“Jesus Christ, one psychology teacher can do that?” Maxxie asked.
“Yes, she can.” Oliver sat down next to Chase and Matt stayed away from them all.
“Jeez, Taylor hurts.” Oliver asked.
“That one wasn’t Taylor, this was.” Chase said pointing at the one on the other side of his face. Angie walked in she had a scarf around her neck to cover up what Kale had done. She walked to her desk and said,” Alright, who’s next to share their report?”
“Me.” Chase said. “The Role of Sex and Power Relationships.” He read.
“I asked you to write that?” Angie said, shocked.
“Uh, okay well go on with it.”
“Power is the single most important force in the universe. Looks and cash mean nothing, but the power they give us means lots. The second most important is sex. So, sex plus power equals fun.” Taylor knew what he meant by this, and she was done. She got up and left the classroom without a word.
“Whatever you did, that Taylor is too upset to talk about. I hope you’re ashamed of yourself.” Angie glared at Chase. Maxxie looked at Fi and she shook her head. He gulped and looked down at the table.
“It’s my entire fault. I got off with Chase on the Russia trip…” He said as he stood up. Giggles were heard as he continued,” I only did it because I was drunk and I fell out with Oliver when he said he hated gays. So, I got upset, then Chase said he’d give me head…” Chase shook his head, shocked that this was happening. “ To cheer me up, you know. It didn’t mean anything, but I lost my head, then I let him give me head, then we got deported from Russia. I’m really, really sorry for being a slut… Okay?” Maxxie sat down, Chase was dying of embarrassment and all the girls were giggling. Kale arched his eyebrows and nodded his head. He clapped for Maxxie’s courage, but everyone else stayed silent.
“Right, well… Anyone else want to get something off their chests?” Kale stood up.
“I’m in love with…” But Angie cut him off.
“Sit down!” She screamed.
Taylor walked down the pathway of the schoolyard. She had held back her tears barely, and was just walking glumly. She looked ahead and saw Reagan and her friends with a boy. She walked over to them and said,” Hi Reagan.”
“Taylor? How, uh nice to see you.”
“Isn’t it? Can I ask you something?”
“Okay, I was just wondering how many times you fucked my boyfriend.”
“Reagan you didn’t!” Her friends said.
“How very, very rude of you.”
“Don’t worry! He fucks everyone, including boys. So you’ve got that in common.”
“You absolute bitch!” Reagan said as she pushed onward to get into a fight with Taylor.
“Hey, hey. Easy Reagan.” The boy said as he held her.
“Don’t go there with her mate. You don’t know what she’s picked up.” Taylor told the boy.
“Lemme get her! I want to kill her that fucking bitch cow!”
“Perhaps you could go?” The boy said. “I’m Connor by the way. Reagan’s brother.”
“Cool.” Taylor said as she turned around. “Well, bye girls. Bye Reagan.” She skipped and sang as she walked off. Reagan yelled obscenities while Connor kept holding her. Taylor walked off to the end of the grass and sat on a bench. She went through her phone, deleting all traces of Chase on it. Moments later the bell rang and Chase showed up in front of her.
“How long you going to keep this up for?” Chase asked.
“You know, I never realized how fucking annoying it is to know you.”
“It’s fun though.” Chase added.
“You think?” Taylor said with a ‘oh really’ look on her face. “Any ways what do you want?” Taylor said, but before she let him answer she continued,” You know what, tell me you love me.”
“You know I love you herp.”
“No! Tell me like you’d die for me. Like nothing else matters, like your world stops for me. Like you mean it, you little shit.”
“You know, come on.”
“Wrong answer Chase. Fuck off I’m busy…” She thought about her encounter with Chase for a while, but came to the consensus what she said was right. She got up from the bench and walked off to go home.