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Chapter 8: The End Part 2

Kirra took our her composition book and opened it up. She read threw the pages she had added since she had met Matt. It was filled with both hate and love. Contradictory, but true. She took out a pen, ripped out every page and a new blank page, and found a pen. She put the blank page on front and started to write.
Dear Matt,
I’ve finally realized it. You have you’re life and I have mine. Some lives should never intertwine and these are some of them. So, this is how it’s going to go. I’m not going with you on the camping trip. I’m leaving now. Nothing is stopping me, and the world is wide open for me. I love you Matt and I always will. But I’m not going to be waiting for you forever so it’s time to stop playing this wicked game. I’ll always remember you.
She folded it and put it in an envelope with the rest of the papers. She left Taylor’s house and headed down the block. She reached his house quickly and knocked on the door. She quickly set it on the floor mat and ran away. She watched to make sure someone would get the note and when they did she kept walking. When she got back to the house she went upstairs and packed up her stuff, only to be interrupted.
“Kirra?” Taylor asked.
“What you doin?”
“I’m leaving.”
“To start afresh.”
“Where you going?”
“I don’t know. I was thinking Ireland or maybe Canada.”
“Why would you want to leave?”
“Sick of this.”
“So you’re just going to run?”
“Why not.”
“You can’t run from everything, it all catches up with you.”
“I can try.” Kirra put in her last possession and stood up.
“So where do we go from here?”
“Nowhere.” Kirra picked up her bag and left the room leaving Taylor in awe and she walked down the steps. She opened up the door and looked back at Taylor. She knew she was shattering her friendship, but went out the door and shut it behind her. She continued down the street, making her way out.

Kale waited in the same spot from earlier in the park. He was waiting for Fi to come and the wait was horrible. It seemed to take hours before she showed up.
“Hello Fi.”
“Hi Kale.”
“What’s up?”
“Not much, I guess. You?”
“Just talking to you…”
“You going tomorrow?”
“Yeah, you?” Fi said, getting kind of bored.
“Of course.”
“Heard anything from you mum lately?”
“Of course not. She’s gone Fi, not coming back.” Kale said snootily.
“You still with Angie?”
“I was never with Angie, we were occasionally hooking up.” He again said snootily.
“Jeez, I didn’t mean to set you off, calm down.”
“Sorry, I didn’t mean…”
“It’s fine Kale.” Fi said getting ready to just leave. “Any ways, what do you want?”
“Just to talk? Is there something wrong with that?”
“What do you want to do?”
“Can’t we just sit here, for a while, and talk?”

Chase had shoveled out the news that they were going camping tomorrow and was excited to go and crash it. He couldn’t decide whether which idea in his head was better than the other.
“Taylor?” He said when he got a call.
“Matt told me he told you…”
“Yeah, he did.”
“We didn’t invite you because… Well, you can come if you want.”
“Don’t worry yourself, I’m not. I wouldn’t want to trash your wonderful little evening. “
“No, it’s not that we didn’t want you because we knew you’d…” Chase cut her off.
“I won’t. Just leave it alone.” An awkward moment of silence went on for about thirty seconds until one talked.
“Chase? Chase?”
“Exactly. I’ll tell you why you didn’t just hang up. Because you know I’m the only one who you can talk to and be understood by.” Chase smirked and thought she was insane for a moment.
“Yeah. Exactly right. Your absolutely correct.” Chase rolled his eyes. “Well, is there anything else you want?”
“Yes, but I’m not getting it no matter what.” She hung up the phone and threw it against the wall, but luckily it didn’t break. Chase laughed and put his phone on his desk.

Maxxie walked up to Oliver’s house and stood in front of it, he braced himself and knocked on the door. In a few seconds Oliver’s dad answered the door and greeted Maxxie warmly. Oliver soon came down the steps, and saw Max.
“Where’ve you been these past months?” His dad said.
“Why haven’t you been with Oliver lately?”
“We were in a fight.” Oliver said.
“A fight? Why would you want to fight with your friends?”
“I’m gay Mr. Manula.” Maxxie said.
“You should never fight with your friend Oliver it’s not good you know.”
“Dad, listen to Maxxie. He’s gay.” Oliver said.
“So?” His dad said.
“Well, I thought you’d… Be mad?” Oliver asked.
“Why? Is he your best friend?”
“Listen, you don’t get many friends in your life who will keep coming back no matter what happens. Keep them close.”
“Well yeah, but with the whole… You know.”
“We have different lives. It’s not our job to judge each other, it’s His.” His dad said motioning up. “So, if this is Maxxie’s choice then so be it. But don’t be a fool and give up a friend like him.”
“You found it.” Maxxie said. He said goodbye to Oliver’s dad and left the home.

“Fi, I got to tell you something.” Kale said.
“Me too.”
“I think…” Kale started.
“I love you.” Fi finished.
“Yeah, that.” Fi reached over and grabbed Kale’s head and kissed him

Matt walked into his home and into the kitchen where he saw his dad cooking something. It smelled horrible, but what didn’t with his dad’s cooking.
“You got a letter, it’s on the table.”
“From who?”
“I don’t know, go open it.” Matt got the note and took it upstairs to his room. He opened it up and took out the many papers. He read the note first and by the end a tear was rolling down his face, only one. He quickly scanned through the other pages to find many different things. Some said how much they loved him, hated him, longed for him, and needed him. It took him a good while to put it all together and when he realized it he quickly put on shoes and ran out the door. He ran and ran until he came to the train station. He went up to the salesman before anything else.
“Hi, I need to ask you something and I need you to give me a straight answer.” Matt said, exhausted from his run.
“Okay?” The salesman said confused.
“Did you see a girl come by here with blonde hair, kind of ditsy, dresses funny and weird?”
“I see lots of people like that, you’re going to have to describe her more.”
“Never mind.” Matt rolled his eyes and walked off he went down to the loading dock and saw a train closing its doors. He walked up to it quicker and watched it start to move. It made its slow set off and Matt stared through each window. Near the end he saw her face. Kirra was staring out the window, which she had opened. She saw Matt and watched him as the train drove off and away, into the sunset of the day.
(Sorry this took so long I’ve been really busy this week.)

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Chapter 8: The End

Chapter 8
The End
“Did you ever notice, when you get high enough it starts to rain?” Kale asked.
“Rain?” Maxxie asked.
“What kind of rain Kale?”
“You know, the kind that falls when you find out your true friends.”
“What are you going on about, I can’t follow you.”
“List the people that would be there for you. When the rain starts to fall.”
“Everyone, I suppose.”
“Including Oliver?”
Maxxie paused. “Even… Oliver.”
“Now, who would be there first for you?”
“And who are you not talking to?”
“And who should you make up with?”
“And who are you going to go talk to right now?”
“Yes. Oliver.”
“I don’t think so Kale. I’m good right here.”
“Fine, I’ll just call him then.” Kale opened up his phone and found Oliver’s number. He pressed call and then speakerphone so they could both hear.
“Hello?” Oliver said.
“Hey Ollie boy. Come meet us.”
“Uh, where?”
“City Park. Main Place bench.”
“Who you with?”
“Oh, I’m kind of busy right now.”
“No you’re fucking not. Get your ass here now.”
“Fine. I’m coming.” With that, Kale hung up the phone.
“See Maxxie boy? It’s that easy. Well, I’m gonna go. I’ll come back later. Perhaps with everyone.”
“What? You’re leaving? No you aren’t. Sit down.”
“See ya later Max.” Kale left the area and Maxxie watched him as he strode off. Out of sight, and soon out of mind with the coming of Oliver.
“Hi Max.” Oliver said, taking a seat.
“How you doin’?”
“Fine. You?”
“Just okay?”
“Just okay.”
“What’s wrong then.”
“Well, I got this friend. He won’t talk to me.”
“Maybe it’s cause you’re a hypocritical ass.”
“Maybe I am. Yet, my friend won’t consider that as good quality.”
“Maybe because it isn’t good. Maybe your friend just wants you to take it back.” Maxxie said angrily.
“And how can he take it back?”
“Take a lucky guess.”
“Well, it turns out I have no luck.”
“Hide and seek.” Maxxie got up and started to walk off in a hurry.
“What?” Maxxie got into a run then. “Seek what?” Oliver yelled, but Maxxie was gone and out of sight.

Taylor sat in front of the school on the green with Fi, Olivia, and Matt. They had about thirty minutes before school was to start, and had nothing to do, but talk.
“Hello Olivia.” Taylor said.
“It’s Livi.”
“Okay… Hello Livi.” Taylor said again.
“How you doin’?” Fi asked.
“Why you here?” Matt asked.
“He just dropped you off?” Matt asked another question.
“No, I’m just sitting here with you because I have nothing better to do.”
“Yeah sure… So guys I was thinking we go camping this weekend. How does that sound?” Taylor asked.
“Camping?” Matt asked.
“Yeah. Richter’s Point or Hard Edge?”
“Who said we wanted to go?” Matt asked again.
“Because. Do you have anything better to do?”
“So you’re happy to come.”
“Sounds fun to me.” Fi asked.
“You’re welcome to come too Livi.”
“As long as its Richter’s and I’m not busy, sure.” Just then Kale approached the area alone.
“Hey Kale.” Matt said.
“Hey, what you guys doing?” Kale responded.
“We’re going camping this weekend. You wanna join us?” Taylor said.
“Richter’s?” Kale asked.
“What is it with you people and Richter’s?” Fi asked.
“Shrooms.” Livi and Kale said at the same time. Chase approached the group and thought about sitting down. He eventually decided he needed to and did.
“What you guys talking about?” He asked.
“Ca---“ Matt said, but was cut off by Taylor.
“How you left your sister here.”
“She has no school today, and I was busy.”
“Busy with what?” Kale asked.
“It’s a wonderful surprise.”
“Well go tend to it then.” Fi said trying to get him to leave.
“I don’t need to. It’s pretty much done.”
“So, when do we get to see this “wonderful” surprise?” Taylor said mockingly.
“Oh, just wait. It’ll be good.”
“Good in our sense or your sense?” Taylor asked.
Chase put his finger to his lips and said,” Shhhh! That would ruin the surprise! Well any ways I actually do have something to do, so I’ll see you later.” He got up and left the college itself, disappearing.
“He’s acting… Strange.” Fi said.
“He is strange. So, Richter’s I guess on Saturday.”
“Tomorrow?” Kale said.
“Who’s going to drive us?” Matt asked.
“Taylor.” Olivia said, volunteering her.
“Yeah, I guess I will.” Taylor said.
“Sounds… Nice.” Kale said. “ I’m going to go anyone want to come with?”
“Yeah, I will.” Matt said. The two got up and walked off into the school. Soon replaced by Kirra.
“Kirra, camping tomorrow with us?” Fi asked.
“Oh wow, camping?”
“That’s what she said.” Taylor sneered.
“Cool, yeah, camping. Sounds fun.”
“Good.” Fi said as another person sat down next to them.
“Camping Max?” Olivia said.
“We’re going camping tomorrow.” Kirra said.
“Why would you want to go camping?”
“Shrooms.” Olivia said.
“Oh, a little druggy on our hands.” Maxxie laughed.
“You coming?” Taylor asked.
“I guess. Who’s going.”
“Everyone?” Fi said.
“Not Chase.” Taylor added.
“Cool… Kirra you’re coming?” Maxxie asked.
“I thought you were back in your care center.”
“I can sneak out.”
“Even if Matt goes?” Maxxie asked again.
“Sure. I don’t have to talk to him.” Just then the bell rang and everyone got up. They said goodbye and scurried off to their classes.
The first few periods went by slowly for everyone; horrible subjects, horrible teachers, horrible classes. When the last period finally ended cheers were heard throughout the school as everyone left.
“What did you do this whole time?” Taylor asked Livi.
“Why didn’t you go out with your friends.”
“I don’t want any friends.”
“Why not?”
“Go to an all girl school and you’ll see why.”
“Do you have to be so fucking condescending all the time when someone’s trying to talk to you?” Taylor asked.
“I’m not gonna be polite. So pretty much.”
“Fine, I have a question for you.”
“Do you know why your brother did what he did?” Livi shrugged. “Do you know what he did?” Livi shook her head up and down. “Hm, okay then. Thanks.” Taylor crossed her arms and left the school to go home. Chase soon showed up to pick his sister up, and they left. He drove her home and parked his car.
“Out?” Chase asked.
“Ass hole.”
“What’s wrong?”
“What about her?”
“Fucking ass hole.”
“Get out.”
“Okay ass hole.” She opened up her door and walked up to her house door, opening it. Chase closed it behind him when he walked in and they both went to their rooms.

Maxxie checked his phone and found twenty new messages and fifteen missed calls all from the same person. At that very moment the person called again.
“Hello?” Max asked.
“Max? Is that you?”
“Are you going camping with us tomorrow?”
“Okay, cool.”
“I already told you man. So there’s no point bothering with me.” Maxxie hung up his phone and turned it off to prevent any possible temptations. He packed up his stuff for the next day and couldn’t wait for the last hours to pass.

(There’s part 1. Part 2 possibly tomorrow. Here’s the explanation of parts. Part 1: Intro Part 2: It will wrap up most story lines Part 3: Camping Part 4: Wrap up the remainder of this “book.”)

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Explanation by Comment.


Ellie- Thanks, I'll make dialogue clearer and the setting. In the next chapter it's going to be called The End, and it'll have a lot of those things. Maxxie and Oliver will have a big place, Taylor and Matt will... Well it'll be interesting. I see what your saying, but I kinda wanted it all to seem surreal so it's kind of dreamy. Also, I don't want the reader to feel sad for her, I just want them to hate her at the same time, so I'm trying to conflict hate with feelings. Hope that clears it up.

Oaks- That's how I felt from the show. A darkness to it, but comical to. Also, the whole Maxxie thing at the end is left for inference. Did he dream it? Is it all real? Did Kirra dream it? What's real? Just a bit to make you guys think. Okay about the next thing, I will. And she didn't. If you think about her character in general her whole swagger and self is all hidden. If I do write another Kirra, you'll see a different side to her perhaps. Next chapter will do all that. If you want a refresher, what part did you mean?

Cass and Cady- I'm glad it's your favorite part. I was a bit unsure, but cool now. I was thinking about that. I had three things in my head. What you said, what I wrote, and happening at the hospital. C, seemed to fake, and A and B was a hard choice. Next chapter theyre coming.

Heres a bit of what you can expect. Camping trip. Not like Michelle's birthday episode a combo of that Effy's season 3 and all new. Everyone will be there. This takes place later in the chapter. I'm going to end it very long like the 1st chapter. You can expect a lot of Oliver and Maxxie, seeing as they still have loads of issues and story holes. Chase and Taylor drama, but it won't be big. Taylor and Matt will have an interesting amout. Kale will be brought up more seeing as he's kind of died off. Fi, Kirra and Chase will just be iffy's. Then Olivia will be there, maybe to just mess it all up. Who knows.

Anyways I hope this helped if you still have questions feel free to comment. Also, if you were wondering about Chase/Olivia chapters, they aren't there. Chase was chapter one. It was originally Everyone/Chase, but I changed it. Olivia isn't a feature yet so I don't think prolonging it will help.

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Chapter 7 Part 2: Kirra

(Hey, this seems to be a little to much like The O.C. to me for some reason, and I’m unsure about the dialogue ahead. So give your opinion please.)
Matt and Chase arrived at the front of the hospital and stared inside the ER’s front window.
“Is he going to die?”
“I don’t know. You know as much as me.”
“Fuck, it’s my entire fault. I shouldn’t have… You know what no. It isn’t my fault. It’s your fault. You sent me there.”
“Oh shut up Matt. You didn’t have to follow my orders like a little puppy, you could’ve checked your messages, and you could’ve paid him. None of this is my fault.”
“What do we do then?”
“Go inside would be a good idea….” Chase said as he pushed along.

Kirra stared blankly into her home. Thoughts of Matt poured through her mind, and she wasn’t sure what to do. Suicide didn’t work so what would. She had no clue, but a devious grin spread across her face. Maybe she did have a clue…
She opened up her front door and walked inside. She walked straight to the kitchen and saw her mom leaning against the sink. Her dad sat at the table.
“Hello mum. Hi dad.”
“Hi Kirra. Sit down.” Her mom said.
“We’re disowning you.” Her dad said.
“What? What the fuck is that? That’s stuff you see in movies, and in fiction. And of all ways to bring it up, you do it so bluntly?”
“We don’t have a choice dear.”
“And why not?”
“Your dad was fired today, and we can’t support you. It’s disownment or go to a foster home.”
“Wow, couldn’t you have at least brought this up a little less suttle?”
“We have to now, or it won’t happen. Your father has been out of a job for some time and neither of us have been able to find one, they’re coming for you tonight.”
“Thanks mom and dad. Do you have any clue what I’ve been going through?”
“We know you have those original issues.”
“Original? This is exactly what I thought. Mom I have a fucking eating disorder! Something’s wrong with me and I don’t know what.”
“You think this is easy for us? Well it’s not and you have no right to speak to us that way no matter what your problem is. We’re losing our daughter! This is not easy, so stop trying to make this all about you. It’s not.”
“Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow.” Kirra sang tunefully. “So may I see the papers or whatever it is?”
“Here.” Her dad said as he pulled out a file from next to him. “You have to sign on every space there is, and we can do the rest.”
“Fine.” Kirra signed all the spaces after a while, and handed the file back. She kicked back her chair and a tear streamed down her face as she walked up the stairs to her room. She slammed the door behind her and locked it so no intruders would enter. She took out anything she could pack stuff within and did so. Bed sheets, computers, clothes, and jewelry. Everything you could think of was packed. She opened up her bedroom window and put the items carefully on the non-accessible balcony.
A knock came at her door as she started to contort her body through the window. She ignored it and proceeded. She took her bags one by one down the escape ladder and placed them on the ground. She heard the door upstairs being forcefully opened as she left the premises of her home. She fled the neighborhood and eventually came to a stop at a bench. She opened up her cell phone and saw the new message alert. She opened it and that same message appeared from Unknown…”Eat.”
She called up Fi, but no answer. She tried Taylor, then Oliver, then Kale, Chase, and even Matt, but no answer from any of them. She knew only one place she could turn to, that was friendly. She went to Taylor’s house, and was welcomed by her mom even though she wasn’t there.
“Is it okay if I set these down here?”
“Uh, sure. May I ask what’s wrong?”
“Oh nothing.” Kirra set her stuff down and started walking out the door.
“That girl is so fucking strange…” Taylor’s mom said as she closed the door.
Kirra took a cab to the hospital where she hoped to find everyone. She paid the driver and walked into the ER to find familiar faces inside. “Hey guys.” Kirra said.
“Where the fuck have you been?” Fi asked.
“Oh I dunno. Getting disowned by my parents, running away, at Taylor’s house, in a cab and here.” She said really quickly.
“I have no clue what you just said, but I’ll take that as an excuse.”
“Yeah, of course you will. So how’s he doing.”
“No one knows. They won’t tell us anything.” Taylor said.
“Yeah, it’s like the fucking television shows where they don’t tell the people anything.” Kale said.
“Thanks for repeating what I just said Kale.” Taylor snapped.
“Hey Kirra.” Matt said.
“Oh, it’s you. Hi Matt. Hi Chase.”
“Is that all you can say? So? Have you ever heard of driving a conversation? How about, Kirra why did you get disowned? Or, sorry about our date.”
“Okay, I’m really really sorry about our date. I know you’ve given me two chances. The first I utterly fucked up, this I still kind of fucked up, but it wasn’t as bad. If you’re willing to give me another chance, I’d take it in a heartbeat.” Chase laughed.
“Kirra, why did you get disowned?” Chase asked.
“My parents are homeless and I don’t want to go to a foster home.”
“I’m sorry about that. Is there anything I can do?” Chase said, surprising everyone.
“Nothing I want. So any ways, where’s Oliver?”
“Didn’t want to come.” Fi answered.
“He didn’t want to come see whether his best friend dies. Wow, great healthy relationship there. Kind of like everyone’s friendship. It’s fun watching everyone’s life spin round and round.”
“Can you just calm down Kirra. Just try to get through the night?” Taylor asked.
“And where is his parents?”
“On their way. They were on vacation.” Fi answered.
“Oh.” Kirra took a seat and the hours wandered away. One by one everyone fell asleep waiting for a doctor, until two stayed awake. Chase and Kirra.
“So what made you decide to come?”
“You tell me.”
“I’d hope the reason is because he’s your friend.”
“Stop it Chase.”
“Stop what?”
“Why don’t you tell me.”
“Stop what Kirra.”
“Stop everything. You don’t know any boundaries.”
“I know Kirra.”
“Wow. You know?” Chase stood up and put his hands against the wall behind her head.
“Yes. I do.” He stared into her eyes deeply and leaned in. She slid underneath his arms and out of the chair. She sat down next to it.
“Wow Chase, what was your plan? Stay up, have a chat, and hope I’d blow you? Well fuck you!” She yelled, waking everyone up.
“What’s wrong Kir?” Everyone asked, slowly coming to.
“Nothing. Just decided to yell. It’s quite fun.”
“Yeah sure Kirra.” Matt said as he once again closed his eyes.
“Any news yet?” Fi asked.
“Nope, none.”
“Well, I’m don’t sitting here. I’m going up there and demanding information.” Kale said as he stood up. He marched down the halls until a few doctors got in his way.
“You cant come back here sir.”
“Then give us some fucking information!”
“About whom?”
“Max. Maxxie Oliver.”
“We can’t release anything yet. Not until his parents arrive.”
“Are you joking? Do you know anything? His parents are at least a two days trip away, so are you telling me you’re going to not release anything to us? That kid. That kid is my best friend. I know I sound lame, but tell me what’s wrong with him. What’s wrong with that kid. Is he going to die?” Kale said as his eyes watered a bit.
“I’m sorry. We can’t. Now if you can get the parents to contact us, we may be able to talk.”
“Tell me something---please.”
“All I can tell you. Well I’m not supposed to. I can tell you that he’s in surgery.” Kale stared at them for few moments and then walked back. He reached the room and told them all.
“Wow, wonderful.” Kirra said. “These truly are the best of days.” She stood up and left. She walked the streets alone, with no followers visible. She reached Taylor’s house to find her mom gone, but she managed to get in. Tears streamed down her face as she stormed through the house. She couldn’t find anything to calm her down. No ‘cigs, no ‘spliffs, no pills, nothing. She couldn’t stop spazzing out as she started destroying everything in the house.
The door bell rang, and that brought her back down to Earth. “Shit!” She said as she tried to straighten everything up, figuring it was Taylor’s mom. She opened the door to see an unexpected face. Not even Matt.
“Hello Kirra.”
“What do you want?” Chase kissed her then, and she didn’t resist. They led each other up the stairs and entered a vacant bedroom. Kirra ripped off his shirt and started to undo his belt. She took it off and Chase took her shirt off. They took turns and kept going towards the bed. Kirra pushed Chase into a dresser on ‘accident’ on the way. “Fuck.” He said.
“God, stop being such a pussy,” They reached the bed and she turned over on him and resisted letting him take control. Kirra had found the one thing to relieve her stress. Unlikely, but it was Chase.

Kirra opened up her phone. Chase was gone, the house was still empty. She found three new messages waiting to be opened. She opened the first one. It was nothing. She opened the second one and the same message for the third time was displayed. "EAT!” Then she opened up the last message and followed its directions.
She opened up the cab door and entered it. She sat on the seats quiet. No noise until she spoke. “Hello Steve.”
“What’s up kiddo.”
“They say I have to come back for a re-evaluation. They think I’ve cheated the system.”
“Did you?”
“Of course not. Why would I do that?”
“I know you better than that.”
“Just go please.” He drove off and reached the destination. Kirra got out and went inside. She went through all the tests and went to the final examiner.
“Kirra. What is this?”
“What is what?”
“Everything marked correct is no longer that way.”
“Why is it my fault? I already passed the first one.”
“But not this one. This one is obviously more accurate.”
“How do you know?”
“Because. So, this is how it’s going to go. You will be readmitted at no charge.”
“No charge?”
“Yes. Your parents?”
“What about them?”
“They scheduled this re-evaluation Kirra. You didn’t know?”
“No. I didn’t know a thing.”
“Yes. They also left a check for you for the next three months.”
“Yes, so your going to be staying here for the time being. So you can go out and get your stuff. We’ll be expecting you.”
“Wow. And do you know where my parents are?”
“No. They said they’d be gone for a while, but hopefully back by the time your school year ends.”
“Oh, wonderful. So is there anything else?”
“Nope, I think that should do it Kirra. Nice to have you back.”
“Nice to…Be back.” Kirra left the institution and didn’t enter her cab. She went to Sparky’s Lounge and entered it. She sat at the bar and ordered food, pancakes to be exact.
“Kid. What’s wrong.” Steve said.
“I’ve been reinstated.”
“I don’t eat.”
“And why not?”
“I don’t know. I’ve been getting messages telling me too. You haven’t been sending them have you?”
“No, I don’t tell you how to live your life. You don’t tell me.”
“Then who sends them?”
“Who wants you to eat? Just eat.”
“Okay…” She cut a bite and stuck it to her mouth, but stopped.
“So, what you been doing lately?”
“Eat.” She put it to her mouth and tasted the first bite.

Maxxie opened his eyes. He was in his bed. What a crazy night he had had. Was it all real or was it a dream?
“What the fuck?” He said.
“You okay Max?” Fi asked.
“Yeah, not bad. What you doing here?”
“Thought we could hang out today. Dunno.”
“How long have you been there?”
“Minutes. Taylor, Kale, and Oliver just left.”
“Yeah, he was here too.”
“Oh, okay. Cool.”
“He misses you, you know.”
“Yeah, and I miss him too.”
“Where’s Kirra and Chase and Matt?”
“They were here last night, but had to go.”
“Oh. You won’t believe the dream I just had.”
“Oh, why not?”
“What was it?”
“I got shot, Chase and Kirra and WHAT THE FUCK!”
“What?!” Fi screamed.
“What the fuck are those!”

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Chapter 7 Part 1: Kirra

Chapter 7
"Now, let's see here… Kirra. Now Kirra, how do you feel?" The examiner said.
"Fantastic? Good, good. Weight, good, height, good, food intake. How much food are you eating dear?"
"Oh, almost four meals a day. It's amazing. Wow, I can't believe it myself. I didn't know life could taste so good."
"Yes, I just love it."
"Wonderful. Check, check, check, check. Any thought of suicide lately?"
"Oh god no. Suicide?"
"Yeah. Check, check, check. Okay then. You're free to go. Just know this clinic is always here for you in times of trouble or need. Or when you just need to get away from the city. Think of it as an asylum of the world."
"Yeah, cool. That's great. Thank you so much. It's just amazing how much you've helped me." Kirra got up and stared at the examiner. She thought for a while then just left the room. She walked out of the building and entered her drivers cab.
"Hello Kirra."
"Hi Steven."
"Where to?"
"School would be fine."
"Okay then." He drove off and got onto the roads, slowly making his way to the school.
"Got any new music Stevie?"
"Watch you looking for? I have some of this stuff you kids like called rap. Then I have some classical. Both new."
"How about classical."
"Sure." He put on the music and drove along happily just as Kirra was. He eventually got to the school and parked in front.
"Thanks so much for driving me around this whole time."
"I've been delighted to kiddo. It's been fun. As sad as I am, I'm happy to see you leaving me."
"Me too. I'll miss you so much." Kirra moved in and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Bye Steven." She got out and walked up to the school. She went inside and to her first class: Philosophy. She entered the classroom and saw everyone sitting down, but Taylor. She took a seat and waited for the bell to ring.
"Hey." Matt said sitting down.
"Hi Matt."
"So, you excited for tonight?"
"Yeah. Sounds fun. Where is it that you wanted to go?"
"Scalianos sounds nice."
"And expensive."
"Nope. My dad works there we can eat for free."
"Oh cool. Scalianos it is." Chase walked in and took a seat right next to Matt.
"Matt. Tonight we're going out on the pull. Okay? Now that Taylor has announced the divorce terms, we can do whatever we want."
"Sorry Chase, he's going with me." Kirra said.
"Oh, where to?"
"What the fuck? You're telling me you're taking her to a fucking top end non-sexy restaurant on a first date? Don't be such a fucking pussy."
"I quite like it there actually." Matt said.
"Yeah, and he let me choose Chase, so that's where he's going."
"Whatta joke. Well, I'll join you then."
"What?" Matt asked.
"Yeah, I'll meet you there, what time."
"Okay. I'm going."
"Wow, Chase. Cool a group date. Can't wait…" Kirra lied. The bell rang and Julie came in.
"Hi class."
"Hey Julie." The answered.
"Now, there's someone I want you to meet. As you know, I'm going to be taking an indefinite leap of absence, so this will be my reliever. Mr. Sykes, please come in." He walked in the classroom and the familiar face was shown. Matt instantly flipped out and ducked his head.
"Is that your dealer Matt?"
"My dealer? That's…"
"No, it's yours. I would never get anything from that. Look at him. Fucking pathetic."
"Yeah, but he's going to fucking kill me now. He already said he would and now he's found me. I've been luck enough to get this far."
"He's not going to fucking touch you. You're fine. If anything he'll go after your friends first."
"Oh great so now everyone can blame it on me. Thanks so much Chase."
"Matt, don't worry. You're fine. He probably doesn't even remember you." Kirra said deciding to help. "Listen Matt. He's a teacher he can't touch you here. So he'll have to stalk you home and he won't. Stop fussing over nothing. Wow, you look so stupid. Like a fucking child."
"Yeah, okay." He lifted up his head directing his attention to 'his dealer.' He reluctantly stared into his eyes.
"Hello. So yeah. I'm Clyde Sykes. Nice to meet you all." He looked around and at everyone's faces, stopping at one in particular. He tilted his head and looked at Matt funnily. Then anger spread over his face as he moved on.
"He fucking remembers me. Shit!"
"Haha, so you're fucked. Who cares." Chase said.
"Well, good thing we're going on that date tonight. I get one from you before you die." Kirra said jokingly.
"Thanks guys." Matt tried to hide the best he could for the rest of the class and he left when the bell rang. Rushing out to the cafeteria to hide in the lunchroom. But when he saw Clyde walk in he rushed out. He then sat outside, soon to be joined.
"What's wrong Matt?" Fi asked.
"Yeah, you look like shit man." Maxxie said taking a seat on the other side of him.
"What's wrong with him?" Kale asked sitting down too with Oliver by his side.
"My fucking, or the one Chase said to go to, dealer is our new teacher. He's going to torture me and kill me."
"What? Say that again, I have no clue what you just said." Fi said.
"New teacher. Clyde. He is---uh---my dealer. Then, he wants me dead."
"Oh. That's nice. Well, I need to get to class. We all do actually. Have fun in your free period." Fi got up and started to leave.
"What? Don't go. I need, help." Matt said worriedly.
"It's fine Matt. You're good." As they watched him start to hyperventilate.
"Yeah, we'll get back to you." Kale said.
"Yeah, back to you. Soon." Maxxie added.
"Yeah dude. You're fine. Bye." Oliver said as they walked in, past Kirra.
Kirra's phone buzzed and she got it out of her pocket. Matt took out his phone to call his mom. She opened it up and saw a new message. She looked at it and it claimed, "EAT." She looked around at all the people, until she saw Matt, putting his phone back in his pocket. She thought for a few moments and left the school, on her way back home.
The hours passed by and the time eventually came for her to go meet Matt. She left her home and walked her way down the streets. She made her way to the restaurant and sat on the bench in front.
"Did you ever realize how horrible that kid is? He makes you wait, he forgets about his dates, he doesn't even fucking chase after you. It's amazing how bad he is." Chase said sitting next to Kirra.
"I'd take that then waking up seeing him blow one of my best friends." Kirra said becoming mad.
"Hey, that's not a valid statement. He was bored, I was bored and are we bored now? No. I did it for fun."
"Fun? That's not fun. Fun is something you enjoy and others enjoy. Not something you get joy out of doing because you make others feel like complete asses. You have a messed up logic if you think so."
"Well, no ones bored. I call that fun." Matt walked up at that moment and interrupted the conversation.
"Hey…You two."
"Matt! You came!" Kirra said childishly.
"Yeah. Don't want you killing yourself anytime soon."
"Wait, wha--Never mind. Let's go." Kirra said as she walked in. They were waited soon after and took their seats.

"Fun huh. Us three. Friends. Sitting together." Kirra said.
"Yes, very…" Matt said.
"Oh, don't let me interrupt you two. I'm not going to bother you. Pretend I'm not even here."
"Okay, cool. Wow, Matt. I like your clothes. Are the actually clean for once?"
"Well, yeah. I assumed this was a pretty special occasion so why not."
"Wow, Matt. So, I was expelled from the clinic today."
"Oh yeah? How'd you pull that off?"
"What do you mean? I'm fine now."
"Fine? You hardly eat, and everything else is just shit. Who you trying to fool."
"Matt, you hardly know anything about me, do you know that? Do you even know why I've been in any of these places you hear about?"
"No, but that's not important. I suppose, when you like somebody it doesn't really matter what's wrong with them." Chase smirked.
"I like you Matt. So, I'm going to tell you why. So, institution number one: Mind Institution. When I was born, I had trouble breathing. No air for so long caused problems. It screwed it all up. But, here I am today, going strong." Kirra smiled.
"You seem find to me. So, I don't think it really did do anything."
"Yeah sure Matt. Anyways, institution number two: Suicide. You already know."
"Well now. Wow."
"Yes. Wow. Institution number three: Eating Disorders. From previous problems the doctors say, caused this. But, it shows them what they know. I'm out of there. Weight is normal everything is perfect."
"How'd you do that." Matt asked.
"Weights in my clothes."
"No, I mean fool everyone about eating."
"Not right now Matt. Some other time."
"You know you can talk Chase? Right?"
"Oh I know. It's much more fun watching her drive the conversation, you making a joke of yourself, and hearing about your guys boring lives."
"Chase, why did you even come."
"Nothing to do. Bored. Why else?"
"Wow, interesting. Cock of the year, big bad ass Chase is bored. No girls to penetrate now?"
"Yes, Kirra. Everyone hates me. Sure." Just then Matt's phone began to ring. He took it out and saw the name across it. He answered it and began talking.
"Matt? Is that you?"
"Yeah, what's up?"
"Where are you?"
"Uh, I'm out with Kirra and Chase."
"You need to go. Leave now. You need to bring them down to the hospital. Now."
"Where? The hospital?"
"Yes Matt quick!"
"Why? What's happened?" Matt listened in. "What? What happened to him?"
"Your fucking dealer has shot him. It's not looking good."
"Where? What part of the body?"
"Actually three shots. One in the stomach and two in chest. They don't know about where though." Taylor's voice still in a panic.
"Oh fuck. Okay, I'm leaving now. The hospital. Bye."
"Bye Matt." Matt filled them in on what was happening, and he left. Kirra decided to stay behind. She didn't care whether that certain someone might live or die. She only cared about Matt. He once again left her. It just wasn't meant to be….