Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chapter 8: The End Part 2

Kirra took our her composition book and opened it up. She read threw the pages she had added since she had met Matt. It was filled with both hate and love. Contradictory, but true. She took out a pen, ripped out every page and a new blank page, and found a pen. She put the blank page on front and started to write.
Dear Matt,
I’ve finally realized it. You have you’re life and I have mine. Some lives should never intertwine and these are some of them. So, this is how it’s going to go. I’m not going with you on the camping trip. I’m leaving now. Nothing is stopping me, and the world is wide open for me. I love you Matt and I always will. But I’m not going to be waiting for you forever so it’s time to stop playing this wicked game. I’ll always remember you.
She folded it and put it in an envelope with the rest of the papers. She left Taylor’s house and headed down the block. She reached his house quickly and knocked on the door. She quickly set it on the floor mat and ran away. She watched to make sure someone would get the note and when they did she kept walking. When she got back to the house she went upstairs and packed up her stuff, only to be interrupted.
“Kirra?” Taylor asked.
“What you doin?”
“I’m leaving.”
“To start afresh.”
“Where you going?”
“I don’t know. I was thinking Ireland or maybe Canada.”
“Why would you want to leave?”
“Sick of this.”
“So you’re just going to run?”
“Why not.”
“You can’t run from everything, it all catches up with you.”
“I can try.” Kirra put in her last possession and stood up.
“So where do we go from here?”
“Nowhere.” Kirra picked up her bag and left the room leaving Taylor in awe and she walked down the steps. She opened up the door and looked back at Taylor. She knew she was shattering her friendship, but went out the door and shut it behind her. She continued down the street, making her way out.

Kale waited in the same spot from earlier in the park. He was waiting for Fi to come and the wait was horrible. It seemed to take hours before she showed up.
“Hello Fi.”
“Hi Kale.”
“What’s up?”
“Not much, I guess. You?”
“Just talking to you…”
“You going tomorrow?”
“Yeah, you?” Fi said, getting kind of bored.
“Of course.”
“Heard anything from you mum lately?”
“Of course not. She’s gone Fi, not coming back.” Kale said snootily.
“You still with Angie?”
“I was never with Angie, we were occasionally hooking up.” He again said snootily.
“Jeez, I didn’t mean to set you off, calm down.”
“Sorry, I didn’t mean…”
“It’s fine Kale.” Fi said getting ready to just leave. “Any ways, what do you want?”
“Just to talk? Is there something wrong with that?”
“What do you want to do?”
“Can’t we just sit here, for a while, and talk?”

Chase had shoveled out the news that they were going camping tomorrow and was excited to go and crash it. He couldn’t decide whether which idea in his head was better than the other.
“Taylor?” He said when he got a call.
“Matt told me he told you…”
“Yeah, he did.”
“We didn’t invite you because… Well, you can come if you want.”
“Don’t worry yourself, I’m not. I wouldn’t want to trash your wonderful little evening. “
“No, it’s not that we didn’t want you because we knew you’d…” Chase cut her off.
“I won’t. Just leave it alone.” An awkward moment of silence went on for about thirty seconds until one talked.
“Chase? Chase?”
“Exactly. I’ll tell you why you didn’t just hang up. Because you know I’m the only one who you can talk to and be understood by.” Chase smirked and thought she was insane for a moment.
“Yeah. Exactly right. Your absolutely correct.” Chase rolled his eyes. “Well, is there anything else you want?”
“Yes, but I’m not getting it no matter what.” She hung up the phone and threw it against the wall, but luckily it didn’t break. Chase laughed and put his phone on his desk.

Maxxie walked up to Oliver’s house and stood in front of it, he braced himself and knocked on the door. In a few seconds Oliver’s dad answered the door and greeted Maxxie warmly. Oliver soon came down the steps, and saw Max.
“Where’ve you been these past months?” His dad said.
“Why haven’t you been with Oliver lately?”
“We were in a fight.” Oliver said.
“A fight? Why would you want to fight with your friends?”
“I’m gay Mr. Manula.” Maxxie said.
“You should never fight with your friend Oliver it’s not good you know.”
“Dad, listen to Maxxie. He’s gay.” Oliver said.
“So?” His dad said.
“Well, I thought you’d… Be mad?” Oliver asked.
“Why? Is he your best friend?”
“Listen, you don’t get many friends in your life who will keep coming back no matter what happens. Keep them close.”
“Well yeah, but with the whole… You know.”
“We have different lives. It’s not our job to judge each other, it’s His.” His dad said motioning up. “So, if this is Maxxie’s choice then so be it. But don’t be a fool and give up a friend like him.”
“You found it.” Maxxie said. He said goodbye to Oliver’s dad and left the home.

“Fi, I got to tell you something.” Kale said.
“Me too.”
“I think…” Kale started.
“I love you.” Fi finished.
“Yeah, that.” Fi reached over and grabbed Kale’s head and kissed him

Matt walked into his home and into the kitchen where he saw his dad cooking something. It smelled horrible, but what didn’t with his dad’s cooking.
“You got a letter, it’s on the table.”
“From who?”
“I don’t know, go open it.” Matt got the note and took it upstairs to his room. He opened it up and took out the many papers. He read the note first and by the end a tear was rolling down his face, only one. He quickly scanned through the other pages to find many different things. Some said how much they loved him, hated him, longed for him, and needed him. It took him a good while to put it all together and when he realized it he quickly put on shoes and ran out the door. He ran and ran until he came to the train station. He went up to the salesman before anything else.
“Hi, I need to ask you something and I need you to give me a straight answer.” Matt said, exhausted from his run.
“Okay?” The salesman said confused.
“Did you see a girl come by here with blonde hair, kind of ditsy, dresses funny and weird?”
“I see lots of people like that, you’re going to have to describe her more.”
“Never mind.” Matt rolled his eyes and walked off he went down to the loading dock and saw a train closing its doors. He walked up to it quicker and watched it start to move. It made its slow set off and Matt stared through each window. Near the end he saw her face. Kirra was staring out the window, which she had opened. She saw Matt and watched him as the train drove off and away, into the sunset of the day.
(Sorry this took so long I’ve been really busy this week.)


the oaks said...

I really really loved the opening!

simon n josh said...

Kale and Fi???? Could it turn into something??

ellie said...

Honestly, this really came out so great. I'm very glad you did more than just dialogue. It didn't take much and hopefully it didn't hurt to do. You did a splendid job. You should be smiling. spite of being so busy..maybe it even made you write better...hahahaha..

Hope you can stay inspire. Keep going!

cass and cady said... many things going on. you must write more. you must. but you know..when you can. I'll be waiting.

colin gray said...

It looks like there needs to atleast be a part 3. Keep going!

maxxied and tony said...

I really liked this one so much. Hope you can keep writing when you can.

Cait said...

I hope you can write more. I really liked this so much.