Saturday, September 19, 2009

Chapter 8: The End

Chapter 8
The End
“Did you ever notice, when you get high enough it starts to rain?” Kale asked.
“Rain?” Maxxie asked.
“What kind of rain Kale?”
“You know, the kind that falls when you find out your true friends.”
“What are you going on about, I can’t follow you.”
“List the people that would be there for you. When the rain starts to fall.”
“Everyone, I suppose.”
“Including Oliver?”
Maxxie paused. “Even… Oliver.”
“Now, who would be there first for you?”
“And who are you not talking to?”
“And who should you make up with?”
“And who are you going to go talk to right now?”
“Yes. Oliver.”
“I don’t think so Kale. I’m good right here.”
“Fine, I’ll just call him then.” Kale opened up his phone and found Oliver’s number. He pressed call and then speakerphone so they could both hear.
“Hello?” Oliver said.
“Hey Ollie boy. Come meet us.”
“Uh, where?”
“City Park. Main Place bench.”
“Who you with?”
“Oh, I’m kind of busy right now.”
“No you’re fucking not. Get your ass here now.”
“Fine. I’m coming.” With that, Kale hung up the phone.
“See Maxxie boy? It’s that easy. Well, I’m gonna go. I’ll come back later. Perhaps with everyone.”
“What? You’re leaving? No you aren’t. Sit down.”
“See ya later Max.” Kale left the area and Maxxie watched him as he strode off. Out of sight, and soon out of mind with the coming of Oliver.
“Hi Max.” Oliver said, taking a seat.
“How you doin’?”
“Fine. You?”
“Just okay?”
“Just okay.”
“What’s wrong then.”
“Well, I got this friend. He won’t talk to me.”
“Maybe it’s cause you’re a hypocritical ass.”
“Maybe I am. Yet, my friend won’t consider that as good quality.”
“Maybe because it isn’t good. Maybe your friend just wants you to take it back.” Maxxie said angrily.
“And how can he take it back?”
“Take a lucky guess.”
“Well, it turns out I have no luck.”
“Hide and seek.” Maxxie got up and started to walk off in a hurry.
“What?” Maxxie got into a run then. “Seek what?” Oliver yelled, but Maxxie was gone and out of sight.

Taylor sat in front of the school on the green with Fi, Olivia, and Matt. They had about thirty minutes before school was to start, and had nothing to do, but talk.
“Hello Olivia.” Taylor said.
“It’s Livi.”
“Okay… Hello Livi.” Taylor said again.
“How you doin’?” Fi asked.
“Why you here?” Matt asked.
“He just dropped you off?” Matt asked another question.
“No, I’m just sitting here with you because I have nothing better to do.”
“Yeah sure… So guys I was thinking we go camping this weekend. How does that sound?” Taylor asked.
“Camping?” Matt asked.
“Yeah. Richter’s Point or Hard Edge?”
“Who said we wanted to go?” Matt asked again.
“Because. Do you have anything better to do?”
“So you’re happy to come.”
“Sounds fun to me.” Fi asked.
“You’re welcome to come too Livi.”
“As long as its Richter’s and I’m not busy, sure.” Just then Kale approached the area alone.
“Hey Kale.” Matt said.
“Hey, what you guys doing?” Kale responded.
“We’re going camping this weekend. You wanna join us?” Taylor said.
“Richter’s?” Kale asked.
“What is it with you people and Richter’s?” Fi asked.
“Shrooms.” Livi and Kale said at the same time. Chase approached the group and thought about sitting down. He eventually decided he needed to and did.
“What you guys talking about?” He asked.
“Ca---“ Matt said, but was cut off by Taylor.
“How you left your sister here.”
“She has no school today, and I was busy.”
“Busy with what?” Kale asked.
“It’s a wonderful surprise.”
“Well go tend to it then.” Fi said trying to get him to leave.
“I don’t need to. It’s pretty much done.”
“So, when do we get to see this “wonderful” surprise?” Taylor said mockingly.
“Oh, just wait. It’ll be good.”
“Good in our sense or your sense?” Taylor asked.
Chase put his finger to his lips and said,” Shhhh! That would ruin the surprise! Well any ways I actually do have something to do, so I’ll see you later.” He got up and left the college itself, disappearing.
“He’s acting… Strange.” Fi said.
“He is strange. So, Richter’s I guess on Saturday.”
“Tomorrow?” Kale said.
“Who’s going to drive us?” Matt asked.
“Taylor.” Olivia said, volunteering her.
“Yeah, I guess I will.” Taylor said.
“Sounds… Nice.” Kale said. “ I’m going to go anyone want to come with?”
“Yeah, I will.” Matt said. The two got up and walked off into the school. Soon replaced by Kirra.
“Kirra, camping tomorrow with us?” Fi asked.
“Oh wow, camping?”
“That’s what she said.” Taylor sneered.
“Cool, yeah, camping. Sounds fun.”
“Good.” Fi said as another person sat down next to them.
“Camping Max?” Olivia said.
“We’re going camping tomorrow.” Kirra said.
“Why would you want to go camping?”
“Shrooms.” Olivia said.
“Oh, a little druggy on our hands.” Maxxie laughed.
“You coming?” Taylor asked.
“I guess. Who’s going.”
“Everyone?” Fi said.
“Not Chase.” Taylor added.
“Cool… Kirra you’re coming?” Maxxie asked.
“I thought you were back in your care center.”
“I can sneak out.”
“Even if Matt goes?” Maxxie asked again.
“Sure. I don’t have to talk to him.” Just then the bell rang and everyone got up. They said goodbye and scurried off to their classes.
The first few periods went by slowly for everyone; horrible subjects, horrible teachers, horrible classes. When the last period finally ended cheers were heard throughout the school as everyone left.
“What did you do this whole time?” Taylor asked Livi.
“Why didn’t you go out with your friends.”
“I don’t want any friends.”
“Why not?”
“Go to an all girl school and you’ll see why.”
“Do you have to be so fucking condescending all the time when someone’s trying to talk to you?” Taylor asked.
“I’m not gonna be polite. So pretty much.”
“Fine, I have a question for you.”
“Do you know why your brother did what he did?” Livi shrugged. “Do you know what he did?” Livi shook her head up and down. “Hm, okay then. Thanks.” Taylor crossed her arms and left the school to go home. Chase soon showed up to pick his sister up, and they left. He drove her home and parked his car.
“Out?” Chase asked.
“Ass hole.”
“What’s wrong?”
“What about her?”
“Fucking ass hole.”
“Get out.”
“Okay ass hole.” She opened up her door and walked up to her house door, opening it. Chase closed it behind him when he walked in and they both went to their rooms.

Maxxie checked his phone and found twenty new messages and fifteen missed calls all from the same person. At that very moment the person called again.
“Hello?” Max asked.
“Max? Is that you?”
“Are you going camping with us tomorrow?”
“Okay, cool.”
“I already told you man. So there’s no point bothering with me.” Maxxie hung up his phone and turned it off to prevent any possible temptations. He packed up his stuff for the next day and couldn’t wait for the last hours to pass.

(There’s part 1. Part 2 possibly tomorrow. Here’s the explanation of parts. Part 1: Intro Part 2: It will wrap up most story lines Part 3: Camping Part 4: Wrap up the remainder of this “book.”)


cass & cady said...

OK..very cool opening..only..I'm not sure where the conversation is taking

past the point said...

I love the camp names

So is that Oliver at the end with Maxie?

sid and violet said...

definitely, some fierce dialogue. I think that's your strongest part you have to give us a bit of detail of just where they are and who's who..exactly. I am still a little bit fuzzy about Kale & Olivia..and who they exactly are. Not to say you have to write us an essay or anything on them..just some bits would attitude and where they are coming know..a sentence or and there. & honestly, I'd prefer you break it up in scenes so you can savor it more when you post. But that's just me. That way too you can go back and add those little things that just might turn out to be important to the reader. Of course, you aren't here to figure out the reader by any means...I've had some readers who have a certain mind set...and they interpret things from their own life..unfortunately, and sometimes, its like you set off a bomb in their head. Usually, they don't read my stuff anymore. But I'm just trying to give you some hints that you can take or leave.

Cait said...

Looks interesting. I wonder where it's going. I really liked the opening.

ellie said...

I'm sure it'll be interesting to have them all together. Still not sure what's exactly up with Oliver & Maxie and how Kale fits into this..and then there is Chase. Where is he?

To me Kale and Chase are too much alike.

cass and cady said...

The Rafe & Dil thing..hmm..well, I'm not sure just how much you've read. But Rafe is staying with Dil...and Rafe gave Dil a job even though Rafe does like making out with Dil..but he's not real sure if he'd consider him a boyfriend yet he's falling for him. At the moment..Rafe thinks of Cass as like a big brother to Cady. He doesn't know they are messing around. On the other hand, Cass knows Dil really is happy with Rafe, but he hasn't said a thing to Cady. Anyway, I guess I thought of the setting of a very old movie that Peter Sellers was in that I used to watch when I was kid.."The Party". Cass had told Dean he'd go because he wanted him to meet Dil, but Dil told Cass earlier that he doesn't like gay guys just straight guys. He's a little fickle. I have a new obession with Kyle Galleren (something like that who was in a Haunting in Conneticut..god, I can't spell today..he was on Smallville & he's in the new movie Jennifer's Body) Anyway..I picture him as Dil.

e.l. said...

There is so much of this one I like. I really liked the opening so much. Gives that dreamy feel to it.

I have to wonder if there will be a girl fight or just what. Looking forward to more.

Thanks for the note too. Yeah, Nick & Heath will be coming to that party and then staying the weekend at Nick's parents yeah, they have their own problems to contend with.

fan fic said...

You've definitely got some interesting developements going. It'll be cool to see how it pans out.

billy and elliot said...

Oh..yeah, thanks for the note you left me on Billy & Elliot. Well, sometimes..I just can't help myself.

elliestories said...

Hope you keep writing Jared. You've got a lot story in you..Keep going.

colin gray said...

Hey, Jared..thank you so much for reading 10 things I hate about you fan fic. I just started Colin Gray fan fic from Jennifer's Body..don't know if you saw that dark comedy. But I was so impressed with Kyle Gallner in it..I just couldn't forget his Colin Gray. He just wasn't in it enough.

Hope all is well with you and your writing. Stay inspired!

sid and maxie said...

Well...Jared..I got inspired..hope you won't be mad.

fan fic said...

ooops..did I put that link wrong or something. I'm sort of sick. Probably shouldn't even be writing, but you know. I just won't shut up. Sorry.