Monday, February 8, 2010

Anecdote 4: Everyone... Kind of... Again

Ah, let’s continue. Oh, and I guess I can make the kid from the last post come back, since I had a few comments about it. Moving along here.)
Anecdote 4: Everyone….Again
It wasn’t long before the group decided on a final choice of care towards Chase. They thought about it, and after a bit, figured out the best choice. They had decided upon making a last recording to Chase about current events, personal events, thoughts, opinions and everything else they could muster into their heads.
They planned the day, and then stuck to it. They arrived at the hospital, prepared, knowing that this may be their last time together as one. They all met in the upstairs floor where Chase had been for the last three months. They decided on the order they were going to go, and then one by one, they sent each other in.


Fi dropped her arm, releasing her bag on to the desk next to her. She pulled out a small tape, to put into the large recorder they all had brought. She inserted it in, and thought about her words. She pressed record.
“Hello, Chase. Ah, it’s kind of funny honestly. The fact that we’re taking the time out to do this when first of all, we don’t know if you understand us, at all. And secondly, you would never do it for us. Yet, I don’t think I’ll just bash you in today. I’m feeling kind of proper.” She giggled to herself, for it was true. “So, I’ve known you since, what? 9th grade? I still remember when Taylor introduced us. She had a enormous crush on you. I still remember her words ‘Oh, what I would give to get him…’ you get the point. I remember what everyone thought of you, too. ‘Fucking jack ass.’ And you know what’s funny, they were right. I can’t say that I honestly can disagree with them. Still, I know from some experience, you can be a decent human being. I want you to know, that I hope to god that with this fucked up world of his, that he will some how find it in his heart, to look down on me, and my friends, and actually help us. But, that’s just hope right?” She got her bag, and left the room.


She walked in, did the same things as Taylor, and paced around a bit. A single and only single tear dripped from her eyes, onto the floor. She rubbed it away with her foot. Pressing record, she began to talk. “Do you realize how much I could trash you… I hope you do, because then I can just move on. I remember the times at the beach together, you taught me a few things on a surfboard. Of course I fell off. I remember when you used to come help me with studying, when I lied and said I had no clue what we were learning at school. I remember when the first time you kissed me. Said I love you. I remember everything so clear, like it mattered to me, and it makes me wonder; do you? Those are some of my fondest memories of my life and I’d put money on it, those times are pointless to you.” Tears streamed down her face, looking like a human waterfall. “And, the funny fact is, I love you.” She walked out. She was ready to give up.


“Not much to say. How long have I known you…” He counted with his fingers. “Uh, 6 years? I think so. Its been pretty fun though. ‘Drinkin, ‘smokin, ‘partyin, you know there’s so much I think it would take me days to mention them all. Well, I guess, I don’t really care what the doctors have to say I know you’ll be fine. They all told everyone to just list the memories we have with each other, and I’m done, so I guess, goodbye.”


“I’ve always liked you the best.” He laughed. “Not what you’re thinking. I’ve always admired the fact that you’d do anything to get your way. Interesting how one person could do so much. Any ways, I know you can hear me, so I just wanted to say that when you wake up, I’ll be here. I’ll forget everything that has happened, I’ll put the past behind. You know, that’s what friends do for each other. I’ll always be here for you to help, when you need it.”


“I never understood why everyone was so mad at you. I mean, for Christ’s sake, your Chase. You’d think they’d learn by now. But, I guess now is when it all comes back to you. Well, I guess it has been for the past three months. Maybe, If you suppose that you lose one day of fulfilled living for every time you did something unethical… Shit, you would never wake up. Sorry man. Any ways, I hope you know we’re always here for you.” He started to walk out, opened the door, then rushed back in. “Oh yeah, and ‘hoorah for all our memories.”


“Honestly, I’ve been here so much for you, and confessed so much to you, I don’t really need to record this. I don’t ‘wanna seem like an ass hole, but yearh, I’m just going to go. Oh, and I know you’ll wake up.” He abruptly left, he didn’t mean to be rude, but honestly, once a day for over three months seemed enough, at least to him.

“Okay, they kind of forced all the updates on me, whatever. So, Taylor got all A’s for her last semester. I know you guys like to read each others grade’s, or whatever, so I’m reading them to you now. Maxxie, three A’s 2 B’s. Matt, three C’s, two D’s, I’m surprised there isn’t any F’s. Kirra’s still missing, I’ve even seen missing child forms around, like in the post office. Oliver, all A’s, big shocker there. Fi, four A’s, two B’s. Kale, 4 D’s and one C, how is he even in school?” She laughed. “So, mom put me in counseling for my, alexithymiac problems. She thinks I can’t feel any emotion. I don’t know how much I can argue with her, though. I found a guy. Can’t really say he’s my boyfriend, but we’re. I guess, well I don’t know. We’re casually fucking, one another. He’s going to show me love through his dick. Or so he tells me. Anyways, I think this recorder thing is almost out of recording tape, it keeps beeping at me. So, with all the other condolences, I’ll just wish you good bye. Oh, and dude it sucks. If you wake up soon, you missed your whole summer.” Then she yelled at “Oh!” once again. “Your friend Dylan comes by every so often, I asked him to record on this, but he turned it down. Apparently he’s going to your college this year. I feel happier knowing that all I’ve said didn’t come out bitchy. Well, bye.” She skipped out, in a pretty good mood. She got over to everyone, and they all got the recorder, and left the hospital.

Life, it can be pretty bad sometimes, but it’s the choice you make, that determines whether or not you can change it.

(Okay, so I’ve had a few questions. So, in answer: Jason will reoccur. I think I said that at the top. Dylan will be main character soon. Someone will die in section two. This is the last anecdote; chapters are coming back. Taylor and Matt will not happen. Kirra is found. Maxxie finds a love interest. Haven’t decided if he should maybe be like an Emily from generation two or not. Fi and Kale’s relationship will be delved into. Kale won’t die. I can’t say about Chase. Oliver might have a twist or two. There’s a new girl character too. I think her name might be Lila. I have to go over it with Em though. I think that’s enough spoilers. Ask me some question’s on the comments if you want, I’ll answer. Depending upon the question. Oh, and I’ll come back to commenting on your stories. I’m about a week behind on my reading, so I have some catching up to do. Any ways, I hope you had happy testing.)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Anecdote 3: Taylor and Olivia

(A note won’t even cover an excuse.)

“What are we going to do Olivia…” Taylor said, on the brink of tears. She had shed so many tears lately, it was miraculous she could even conjure up anymore. She was sitting down next to Chase in the hospital. He was making no recovery. Hope…So very scarce.
“I dunno’ Taylor. We can all cry about it, but sooner or later we’re going to have to own up to it.” Olivia proclaimed.
“How profound.” Taylor said sarcastically.
“It’s true. If he’s gone, he’s gone. There’s nothing else to it.”
“I know.”
“Then stop being so fucking sulky.”
“It’s been three months. We’re almost at the non-recovery mark. One more month of sulking seems okay.” Olivia rolled her eyes and walked across the room. She hugged Taylor tightly, as if it were the last hug she was ever going to give. They just hugged for what seemed like ten minutes before releasing each other.
“Come on girl, we’re going out on the pull.” Taylor said.
“Oh really? And what makes you think I do that?”
“Who are you joking?”
“Ah, no one. Let’s go.” They both left the room and made their way down. They reached the parking lot and got into Taylor’s car. She drove off, slowly at first, but steadily accelerating.
“Where to?” Olivia said.
“No thanks, to formal.”
“Sure, I guess.” Taylor made her way to Sparks, another local nightlife hotspot. Silence made a veil over the two for the remainder of the drive. When they finally reached their destination with a sigh, Olivia got out of the car. “I tell you what, if you somehow can mange to get a guy out of here before I do, I’ll stop being so sulky.”
“Wonderful prize Taylor.”
“Well, what do you want?”
“That’s fine.”
“And if you can get a guy out of here before me.” Olivia stopped to laugh a bit. “I’ll be your slave for the rest of the month.”
“Month.” They both stared at each other for a while then laughed. They walked up to the entrance and went in, splitting up.
Taylor looked around, sprucing up to look as ‘sexy’ as possible. She went up to the bar and saw a guy next to her.
“Hi.” He said.
“I’m Tom.” He said.
“Nice name.” He sighed. “Taylor…”
“You single?” She asked.
“Yes.” He said.
“Gay?” He laughed.
“Got a job?’
“Yeah…” She leaned in and kissed him, he kissed her back. She pulled away and gagged. She walked off down the bar and around the corner to find a new guy. (HAHA Em, I had to.)

Olivia went upstairs to the main dance floor and the first ‘hot’ guy she saw, she targeted. She watched him from afar and waited for him to see she was staring at him. Eventually, he did and came over.
“You know, staring isn’t illegal, but it should be.”
“Fuck you.” She said sarcastically.
“Feisty much?” Olivia shook her head. “You’re funny. Would you like to dance?”
“I don’t even know your name.”
“Jason.” He said. She took his hand and went over to the floor. They danced for a while before decided to talk some more.
“What you doing tonight?”
“Nothing, why?” She grabbed his hand again and pulled him with her. Down the stairs and saw Taylor was sitting at the bar. She winked at her and pulled Jason out of the club.

During the 3rd Month of Chase’s Absence
Chase- Nothing, zip, failure.

Taylor- She was regaining some happiness. Not just do to the bet, but overall she was moving on, getting over Chase. She and Olivia had developed qutie a friendship over the term.

Kirra- Just give up already.

Matt- He kept visiting. He was determined to never give up, to visit Chase until the day one of the should part. He kind of went into a shell though, not talking to anyone.

Fi- She and Taylor would often go visit Chase with Olivia. She was unsure about the whole situation still, but wasn’t going to give up for Taylor and Matt’s sake.

Kale- At this time, he stopped visiting Chase. He gave up on him, and everyone else for that matter. He rarely visited anyone. The relationship he thought he had with Fi was shattered.

Maxxie- He often would visit with his friends more so than Chase. He occasionally would however, feeling an obligation to do whatever it took to help a friend in need.

Olivia- When we last left her, she couldn’t visit Chase, ever. Counseling had brought her over the hill of thought and made her believe she had to visit Chase. She wasn’t an emotional wreck anymore, she was moving on, but still keeping him there.