Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chapter 8: The End Part 3

(Okay, I’m still stuck on everything so I’m going to skip to the conclusion of ‘Book 1.’ I’m sorry this is so awful, I know, but its been so long I have to write something so… Sorry.)
“Taylor!” Chase yelled across the canyon. “Taylor!” She turned around and saw him standing there with a sideways look on his head.
“Still stalking me?”
“Sure, cause I always stalk you.”
“Just stop. I don’t want a fight, leave now or stop.”
“What do you want from me? It’s been months.”
“You know what I want. I want you to feel what I felt. Like you’re willing to die, like nothing else matters. I want you to love me…”
“You know I do, its unquestionable.”
“Shut up.”
“I do!”
“Taylor, I love you.” He sounded put out.
“I don’t want that! I want it to be true, not something you’ve been forced to say.” Matt peeked behind a tree behind Taylor and saw what was going on.
“I can’t fucking say it anymore! That’s the best I’ve got.” Matt looked both ways down the canyon and in the distance he saw a bridge. He slowly made his way down the forest and eventually made it to bridge. He crossed it and made his way back to the two. By the time he got back they were both yelling obscenities, one after the other.
Matt got behind the tree and watched it once again, thinking over the plans he had worked out. “Well fuck you if you don’t understand. I’m not fucking gay, you were waiting for me to tell you something that wasn’t there!” Chase said.
“People don’t just go around blowing some of their best friends! Chase it’s not even that! It’s the fact you lied! You deceived us! You undermine us! You treat us like shit, and you expect us to understand! Well we don’t!”
“I’m sorry! Okay? I’m sorry!”
“No you’re not. If you were even remotely sorrowful then you wouldn’t have waited this long… Times up Chase.”
“Chase, that’s enough! Leave. It’s over.” Matt said stepping in. He startled Chase and Chase backed up.
“No. Matty, Matt, Matthew, I won’t.”
“Don’t make…”
“Don’t make you what? You gonna punch me?” Taylor sat on the sidelines, half confused on what was going on.
“No. Just leave! Now!”
“I’m not.” Chase heaved himself towards Matt, knocking him to the ground, and continuing to pummel him. Matt had scraped up his knees, legs, hands, elbows and face, blood was coming out profusely. He got up and stared at Chase, tears streaming. He clinched his fists and charged full might at Chase, knocking him in the gut. It send him flying backwards. He got to the edge of the canyon and was trying to get his balance, but lost it. His foot left its mark and sent him flying down. Richter’s Point, the canyon which marks its territory, had claimed Chase.
“CHASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Taylor screamed as loud as she possible could. She ran towards the edge and looked down. Matt stood there perfectly still, shocked at what happened. He fell to his knees, the pain was nonexistent.
Taylor watched the only person she loved, her best friend, her everything, no matter what had happened to them, reach the bottom, hitting the rocks. There was no telling what this meant for him, death was certainly the most obvious answer…
Taylor watched the bottom for minutes before doing anything. That was when her phone vibrated. She got it out and looked at it, one new message. It stated one word: Surprise…
(So there you go. If you guys would like I’ll continue. =))