Friday, September 11, 2009

Explanation by Comment.


Ellie- Thanks, I'll make dialogue clearer and the setting. In the next chapter it's going to be called The End, and it'll have a lot of those things. Maxxie and Oliver will have a big place, Taylor and Matt will... Well it'll be interesting. I see what your saying, but I kinda wanted it all to seem surreal so it's kind of dreamy. Also, I don't want the reader to feel sad for her, I just want them to hate her at the same time, so I'm trying to conflict hate with feelings. Hope that clears it up.

Oaks- That's how I felt from the show. A darkness to it, but comical to. Also, the whole Maxxie thing at the end is left for inference. Did he dream it? Is it all real? Did Kirra dream it? What's real? Just a bit to make you guys think. Okay about the next thing, I will. And she didn't. If you think about her character in general her whole swagger and self is all hidden. If I do write another Kirra, you'll see a different side to her perhaps. Next chapter will do all that. If you want a refresher, what part did you mean?

Cass and Cady- I'm glad it's your favorite part. I was a bit unsure, but cool now. I was thinking about that. I had three things in my head. What you said, what I wrote, and happening at the hospital. C, seemed to fake, and A and B was a hard choice. Next chapter theyre coming.

Heres a bit of what you can expect. Camping trip. Not like Michelle's birthday episode a combo of that Effy's season 3 and all new. Everyone will be there. This takes place later in the chapter. I'm going to end it very long like the 1st chapter. You can expect a lot of Oliver and Maxxie, seeing as they still have loads of issues and story holes. Chase and Taylor drama, but it won't be big. Taylor and Matt will have an interesting amout. Kale will be brought up more seeing as he's kind of died off. Fi, Kirra and Chase will just be iffy's. Then Olivia will be there, maybe to just mess it all up. Who knows.

Anyways I hope this helped if you still have questions feel free to comment. Also, if you were wondering about Chase/Olivia chapters, they aren't there. Chase was chapter one. It was originally Everyone/Chase, but I changed it. Olivia isn't a feature yet so I don't think prolonging it will help.


the oaks said...

cool. I like that you'll have more Oliver & Maxxie and a camping trip. Should be fun.

Please. Please read the oaks today.
I need feedback.


fan fic said...

Sounds like some good plans. Can't wait for you to get to them. All the best. Hopefully, I've written something you'll want to read.

Tony and Maxxie

e.l. said...

OK, great plans. Yeah, I like the dreamy part..just go there though, let it happen. It'll be unforgetable, I'm sure. You can do it!

Cait said...

I liked this commentary. I'm excited about what you have in store for us.

simon n josh said...

Now you got me wondering about Olivia..was that the purpose of this.

sid and violet said...

I'm not sure I remember Olivia now..anyway, I did update.