Monday, August 17, 2009

Chapter 6 Part 2: Fi

Fi knew how Chase would operate that night. She knew he was around somewhere, so she walked with Taylor home. She came to her home and her instincts were right. Chase was waiting on the doorsteps.
“Taylor! And Fi… Can you give me some time alone?”
“I don’t think so Chase.” Fi shook her head.
“Fine. Listen Taylor.” Taylor cut him off.
“No you fucker. You listen to me. You know you don’t love me, and we’re done. Chase, I don’t trust you anymore.” Taylor said as her eyes watered up. “You know, when I’m with you, I get this indescribable feeling. You obviously don’t.” He approached her and forcefully kissed her on the lips. “Nothing.” She said as she walked off up to her door.
“Chase just fuck off. She doesn’t want to hear your voice. Leave it alone for a while.” Fi entered the home with Taylor and left Chase outside. Taylor knew she had lied. She couldn’t let go of him, but it wasn’t her fault, only his.
“What am I going to do Fi.”
“I can’t help you. You have to resist. He doesn’t love you.”
“Are you saying just let go?”
“What do you think?”

Oliver sat next to Kale and Fi in class. Taylor sat next to Maxxie and Matt. Kirra wasn’t present and Chase sat isolated in the corner. Angie entered the classroom and one by one the class presented their newest reports. When she called on Chase everyone sensed something horrible coming.
“I’m Sorry.” He read. “When you’re in a relationship, several factors play key roles. Loves, being the main one, followed by what you say, the words. Now, not everyone feels love. Some feel it in many different ways. Some find it hard to express. Elaboration is key, because those that don’t love can’t say the truth. Then the words. Some phrases work such as “I love you.” Then, some never work such as I’m sorry.” Taylor looked at Angie and Angie shook her head. Taylor got up and left the room just like the previous presentation from Chase. Fi left too.
“Continue Chase.” Angie told him strictly. Taylor sunk to her knees against the wall in the deserted hall. Fi got next to her and put her arms around her.
“How hard is it to say I love you?” Taylor asked.
“Think about when he says it. Elaboration?”
“When does he ever say it.”
“If he would just sincerely say in his voice, I love you. I’ll take it. He won’t. I’m sorry doesn’t cut it.”
“So much fucking drama lately…”
“I know I know. Isolate yourself. Don’t go to school. Leave the city if need be. If he loves you, he’ll say it to you. Just leave, now.”
“Yeah.” Taylor got up, Fi walked her home and Taylor went inside…

Fi walked herself home and skipped the rest of the day. She went into her room and thought to herself. ‘Maxxie and Oliver… That’s it, almost…” She opened up her piano and practiced her piece. She practiced and practiced until her fingers collapsed under her. She then sat on her bed. She opened up her phone and called Kale.
“Hey, what’s everyone doing today?” She said.
“Uh, we were just going to 24.”
“Alright, I’ll meet you there.”
“Sure…” Fi met them at the club and messed around with them all. Eventually she went and took a table, getting a drink. Oliver joined her, granting her wishes.
“Hi Fi.”
“Where’s Taylor?”
“Did you invite her?”
“She’s not going anywhere for a while.”
“Oliver I need to tell you something.”
“Don’t let go.” Fi stood up and left the club. She returned home to find Lizzy in the studio with her dad. They both were flirting with each other as Fi stared solemnly into the window. She angrily went to her room, soon drifting to sleep.
Taylor showed up at Fi’s door. She knocked on it loudly and Fi answered it. “What do you want?”
“I want to go with you to your competition thing.”
“Oh really?”
“Is that okay?”
“Yeah it’s perfect.” Taylor helped Fi with her makeup and everything else. Then they scurried off to the concert hall where it was to be held. Taylor took her seat and Fi stood backstage. Fi’s teacher stood there with her and comforted her.
“You’re up next.” The backstage manager told Fi. Fi waited for the current competitor to leave the stage until she got as close to the stage as possible. She heard the announcer and once he finished she went on stage. She put her music on the stand and the orchestra started playing. She hit the first key and immediately she was lost into music land.
Chase called Matt and reached the machine. He pondered about leaving a message or not for a good while and finally started talking.
“Matt, I’m sorry.” That’s all he said. The words he was good at saying, and the words that always led to failure…


to jared from ellie said...

I think I would consider Roger "Bi" since he tends to have this personality where if this doesn't work out..I'll try something different...which kind of shocked me when a friend of mine did this after a really bad breakup.

He even tried crossdressing which is not a good thing to do if you're not willing to shave.

to jared from the Oaks said...

Yes, there most definitely will be more "randy". & in my other blog there will be more Ian & Shou too.

simon n josh said...

Of course I'd hate for Taylor to fall for Matt with Kierra around. I think Kierra should have revenge sex with Chase.

elliestories said...

I feel bad for Maxxie. Something good needs to happen for him.

cait said...

Matt's really getting mixed up in this now.

blue hearts said...

I wonder what evil things Chase might have planned next. Or maybe someone will do something evil to him.

past the point said...

I liked the 'elaboration' dialogue best in this one.

Simes. said...

Nice blog! Check out ours whenever you want! We invite you to follow it.

cass and cady said...

so much fuck'n drama..i like that.

elliestories said...

Yeah, that's like having an American version of Death Note movies. There is only one Light and one L. (definitely L). It'll be ruined for sure...if MTV makes Skins.

the oaks said...

so when is the next update?

the oaks said...

Sebastian hooked up with Randy while Anita was with Theresa.