Sunday, August 16, 2009

Skins choater 6 part 1: Fi

Fi opened up her piano and sat on the bench. She removed a piece of music from her bag and set it on the stand. She started playing it, allowing the music to remove her from the room. She was enjoying her self to a great extent when another noise brought her back to the world. She opened up the lid to her phone and listened.
“What Taylor.”
“Oh nothing, just wanted to say hi.”
“No you didn’t. You want to talk about Chase don’t you?”
“No? I was wondering if you wanted to go shopping for that dress for your piano thing this week.”
“Yes, honestly.”
“Alright fine, meet you at the mall?”
“Sure.” Taylor met Fi, and they shopped around until a familiar name called Taylor on the phone.
“What Max.”
“Taylor! You answered…”
“I didn’t have to you know that right?”
“Of course I do. I just really wanted to say something.”
“Get to it then.”
“Can you just, please, stop this with Chase. It was all my fault, I—I made him do it.”
“Well fuck off then.” Taylor hung up the phone on him and turned to Fi.
“What he say then?” Fi asked.
“That he made Chase do it. What a bunch of shit, Chase doesn’t take orders from anyone.”
“He could be right though. Maybe he offered it? You don’t know, but at least he’s trying.”
“What do you expect me to do fi? Pretend everything’s perfect?”
“No, because it’s not. Think about it Taylor. Would Maxxie, the one we’ve known almost our whole lives do something like this?”
“Forgive him. He loves you and you know that. You’re like a sister to him.”
“When he admits the real truth to me… Maybe.”
“And what if that was the truth?”
“Don’t do this to me Fi…”
“Fine, let’s go, we still need to find something.” The time passed by and eventually they found the perfect dress for Fi. They made there way back to Fi’s home and stayed there for the night.
Fi opened her eyes and saw that Taylor was not in sight. She walked down the stairs to the kitchen and saw her family eating. “Where’s Taylor?”
“She said she had to go meet up with Kirra. Something about her leaving the institution.”
“Oh, okay.” Fi sat down in a chair, and a plate was put in front of her. Moments later, a woman came in and sat down in another chair at the table. Fi’s dad kissed her and he gave her a plate. Fi and her brothers glared at her as she ate.
“Hey, I don’t think you’ve introduced us Ronny.” She said to Fi’s dad.
“Yes, well, this is Fi, that’s Miles and that’s Andrew. Guys this is Lizzy.”
“Nice to meet you guys.” She said enthusiastically.
“I can’t do this.” Fi said as she slammed her chair back and stopped off upstairs.
“Is something wrong?” Lizzy asked.
“Yes!” Miles yelled.
“You’re sitting in my motha’s chair! That’s hers! Only hers!”
“Oh, I’m so sorry.” She said as she stood up.
“No. This is anyone’s chair now, your mom’s been gone for years.”
“Well, I’m not sitting and watching this.” The two boys said in sync as the left the room.
Fi ran into her room with tears streaming down her face and flying off. She slammed the door behind her and went to her piano. She opened it up and started playing through her tears. Her dad came in soon after, disgusted at her behavior.
“That is unacceptable.”
“Unacceptable? Unacceptable is you! You won’t tell us anything! Who is she! Why is she here!”
“That woman is an inspiring artist who I just signed a record deal to and she’s here to record! Not that that is any of your business young lady!”
“Not my business? She sitting in my mom’s fucking chair and living in our house and it’s none of my business! None of MY business is who you fuck at night, that right there, that is ALL of my business.”
“As long as she is in my house, it is none of your business! And as long as she is in my house, she can do whatever she wants!”
“Ditto.” Fi walked out of the room and out of the front door…

Taylor walked up to the institution and found Kirra waiting. Kirra saw her and stood up. She rushed over to Taylor and gave her a huge hug. “Finally!” Kirra said.
“Hi Kirra.” Taylor said through a laugh.
“Thanks for picking me up Tay.”
“Of course! So, where to?”
“Well all you have to do is drop me off at the school and I’m good.”
“What? You don’t want to do anything?”
“Nope, I just want to go to school.”
“Alright then…” Taylor followed her directions and dropped her off.
Kirra walked around the school until she found Matt. She stared at him from afar, waiting for him to notice. After a while he looked up and saw her there. “Kirra?” He mumbled. He turned to Chase and told him to look, but the next time he did she was gone..
“I know she was there, I just know it.”
“Sure Matt… Any ways, I have to watch my sister later you’re coming.”
“Why do I have to go?”
“Because I said so.”
“I guess…”
Fi walked up to the school and went inside, the first person she noticed was the one she was looking for, Maxxie.
“Hello Max.” Fi said.
“Hi Fi.”
“You really got to stop fucking around. Tell her the truth.”
“I rather her and Chase happy than her and me happy.”
“Listen Maxxie. I know her. I know Taylor better than anyone. She will be back with Chase sooner or later, don’t ruin yourself over it.”
“Yeah, and has this ever happened?”
“Has Taylor ever seen her boyfriend with his mouth on her friends cock?”
“Don’t argue the point, just tell her the truth Max.”
“Alright, I’ll try…”
“Thank you Max.” She gave him a tight hug and went off to her music class. She entered the room and saw her teacher waiting.
“Hello Fiona. Thank you for joining me…”
“Sorry, I had some issues at home. I won’t be late anymore.”
“What’s done is done, get over it. Any who, have you chosen a piece yet?”
“Yeah, I think I’m going to do the sonata.”
“The 3rd?”
“Yeah that one.”
“Good choice. If you can pull it off you’ll win. Get it out then.” She motioned as Fi removed it from her bag. She sat down and set it on the stand and started to play it.
“Yes! Yes!” Her teacher said. “Fuck! Holy shit! Damn! Fuck my donkey that’s good!” Fi rolled her eyes as she played it. At the end of it, her teacher critiqued the only errors, and they went on with the lesson. Near the end the dean came inside and watched Fi play. Once she finished he walked over to the two.
“I don’t believe I know this young lady.”
“This is Fiona, Fiona Delphs. She’s going to be in the Young Musician’s of the Year competition.”
“Is she now?”
“Yes, and she’s going to win.”
“Well, we will see. I came in here though, to tell you something. Lately there has been a problem with the swearing.” Fi smirked at that.
“Well then, I’ll have a talk with all of my classes then, I’m sorry.”
“Well, it’s just… Never mind. Thank you.” He left and Fi finished her class.
Maxxie walked up to Taylor’s house and knocked on the door. She answered and immediately slammed the door shut.
“Taylor! Please…” Max said.
“Fuck off Max.”
“I’m not leaving until you talk to me.”
“Well have fun then.” Maxxie sat on the front porch and watched the sun go down. He was determined to tell her and he wasn’t going to leave.
“Fine Max.” Taylor said as she sat down inside by the front door.
“Here’s the truth. He said he was in Russia, he wanted to try something new. He pressured me into it. Then that night…” He continues on and a tear streamed down Taylor’s face. “I’m sorry…”
“Thanks Max.” Taylor said through tears.
“Alright, well I’ll see you around.” Maxxie got up and walked off on home.
Fi’s dad was having another party tonight, celebrating Lizzy’s new contract. Fi sat at her in home bar with Taylor and Olivia.
“So why did Chase drop you off here Livi?” She shrugged.
“She doesn’t talk Taylor.”
“She hasn’t talked in a while.”
“Why would we know? She doesn’t talk.”
“Fine then. I know what you did Fi.”
“With what?”
“He just needed a little bit of a push. I didn’t orchestrate anything.”
“It’s fine Fi, don’t worry.”
“Has Chase tried calling you lately?”
“Only a billion times.”
“Of course.”
Chase walked to his destination with Matt at his side. He got to a bench and sat down. “A bench?” Matt asked.
“Just a break.”
“Fine then.” They sat there for a few minutes. Chase got out his phone and went to his contacts. He tried calling Taylor, but no response. Next he called Livi, no response. He tried Fi, and he did get a response.
“What Chase?”
“Is Taylor there?”
“She doesn’t want to speak to you right now.”
“She doesn’t have to. I just want to talk to her.”
“No Chase.” She hung up the phone on him and put it back in her pocket.
“Kirra!” Matt said when he saw her leaning against a wall.
“No it’s not, she’s still in the loony bin.”
“She was right there!”
“Stop fucking around Matt, I need you to help, not fuck off. I already got her out of a relationship with Connor, now I just need her back.”
“What? What the fuck did you pull this time Chase.”
“Put porno pics of Reagan on his phone and sent them out to everyone.”
“Why did you do that? That’s sick!”
“You just need to learn to play the game Matt.”
“That’s wrong Chase!” Matt said.
“Are you bunching your fists at me Matt? If you want to hit me Matt, go right ahead.” Chase said as he got up and opened his hands up. Matt got up and backhanded him across the cheek.
“What the fuck? I said hit me not bitch slap me. That’s fucking hilarious! I can’t believe you actually slapped me!” Matt clenched his fists again and went in for a punch. Chase leaned over and countered back, knocking Matt to the ground.
“You better not be crying Matt.” Chase said as Matt got up.
“I’m not crying because you hit me…”
“Right. You’re crying for all the kids in Africa right?”
“You know I used to sorta look up to you?”
“Of course I do Matt. It’s more obvious than your love for Taylor.”
“Well you know what? You used to do things in hopes of being somebody, but now… This new Chase, you do things because you can!”
“Matt, everyone wants to be me. I sleep with girls, whereas you persuade them to commit suicide.”
“Now I can’t imagine anything worse than being you! You’re a selfish little prick. You haven’t got any friends. Not even your oldest friend likes you anymore!”
“You know something Matt? Every time a word comes out of your mouth little flecks of spit travel with the sound.” Matt stared at him for a long while and turned around and started to walk off.
“Come on Matt. Don’t be a little girl.” Matt flipped him off as he walked off down the streets. He walked on and on until he saw Kirra again.
“Kirra?” He hollered. She ran off down an alley as Matt ran over to where she was. He looked down the alley, but she was gone. He continued down the streets and entered Shocker’s Diner. He sat at the counter and ordered some food. He got out his phone and tried calling Kirra.
“Hey Kirra, I’m at Shocker’s care to join me?” He said in his message before hanging up. He looked up at his reflection in mirror-like ceiling and saw someone sitting next to him. He swiftly turned his head and saw Kirra sitting there.
“Hi Matt.”
“Hi Kirra? Why have you been following me around all night?”
“No I haven’t. You’re following me. You know you got a black eye growing?” Matt picked up the napkin container and looked at his eye in the metal casings reflection.
“Ah shit. Chase punched me.”
“Really? Wow! That’s wonderful!”
“Yes, separation anxiety. He’s afraid he’s losing you. We did a clinic on it at the center.”
“Kirra, do you mind if I uh, maybe uh, kiss you?”
“Really? Wow, I didn’t think you wanted to.” Matt leaned in and she turned her head. Their lips touched and they started to kiss. Kirra seemed to lead when Matt pulled away.
“Sorry, I’m usually better than that.”
“Okay, kiss me again.” He leaned in and this time he did a lot better, but he was interrupted by a phone call. He took it out and looked at it and saw the name imprinted on the screen.
“It’s Taylor, I need to take this.” He answered it and said,” Taylor?”
“Matt? Are you with Chase?”
“No, I just left him why?”
“Oh nothing. Can you come down to Fi’s house and bring everyone?”
“Uh, sure.”
“Thanks Matt, bye.” He put his phone away and stared at Kirra.
“I gotta go Kirra, you want to come?”
“No thanks.”
“Kiss me again.” Matt demanded.
“No Matt, I won’t.”
Matt followed Taylor’s directions and showed up at Fi’s home. One by one everyone left, leaving only three, Fi, Matt, and Taylor.
“Where’s Chase?” Fi asked Matt.
“Dunno, why?”
“Just wondering. So what did you do with Kirra?”
“Huh? How did you… Not much.”
“That’s not what I heard. You’ve fucked it up Matt. She’s given you another chance, and you’ve shot yourself in the foot. Call her right now and do the one thing she wants.”
“You know, you’re right, but you can’t control my life Fi.”
“Control your life? I’m giving you a suggestion. If you don’t want her then go ahead, don’t.”
“Give me the fucking phone.” Fi handed him her phone and he found the number and called.
“Hello? Who’s this.” Kirra said, confused by the voice.
“Matt, listen, you don’t have to talk. I’ve realized something. I really like you, even love you and I don’t want to fuck it up. Will you go somewhere with me?”
“Wow Matt. You sound like an old love movie.”
“Yeah, well that’s how I talk.”
“No, no. It’s good. So does this mean we’re going to go on a date?”
“If you want to call it that… I guess.”
“Wow, that’s fantastic! I’d love to. I just need to check my schedule, I’ll call you back uh, later.”
“Great… Bye.” Matt hung it up and threw it at Fi. “You happy now?”
“Wow Matt, that was kind of pathetic.” Taylor threw in.
“She fell for it though. I’d say it was kind of well played.” Fi said.
“Kirra would fall for anything, that doesn’t mean much.”
“Good point.”
“Hey, at least I fucking bothered to talk to her unlike you and Chase.” Matt directed at Taylor.


ellie said...

any chance max & taylor will get together..oh there are so many fan fics about michelle and maxxie.

I saw joe dempsey tonight on Merlin. It was so sad. He'll always be Chris in anything he does.

simon n josh said...

I was a just a bit confuse with Matt & Taylor near the ende since I thought he was with Kierra.

the oaks said...

Maybe only Kiera should stick with the "wow's".

Some interesting developements.