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Chapter 4 Part 2: Maxxie and Oliver

Oliver woke up to the voice of Taylor and Fi. His body shuttered as it woke to the new day. “What?” He asked.
“Why are you such an ass to Max?” Fi asked.
“I don’t mean it… He takes it the wrong way.”
“The wrong way? You said you can’t be friends with him because of your ‘god.’” Taylor complained.
“I’m not dealing with this right now, just go.” Oliver pushed them off. Just as that moment, Tom saved him from the girls.
“Showers! Girls first, boys in ten minutes. Go!”
“Well, I guess you can consider yourself lucky Oliver.” Taylor said as she left the room with Fi. Oliver got his stuff ready and left his room after time passed. Matt was already gone, so he didn’t have to worry about him. Oliver walked down the steps to the lobby level and he saw everyone coming up.
“There’s no way I’m fucking doing that!” Taylor yelled.
“Honestly, that’s barbaric!” Fi complained. Max came up the steps moments later and Oliver confronted him.
“Hey how are you?”
“Fine. It’s a lot easier when you have one less person to worry about, you know.”
“C’mon Max just come back in the room.”
“Take it back. Just take back what you said.”
“Well, see you.” He went from where Oliver came and left. Oliver went downstairs and in the door to the showers. He came to an outdoors area which were supposed to be the showers.
“Showers? What the fuck is this?” Kale asked. Then out of no where a woman came with a fire hose in her hand. She twisted a knob on the end and it sprayed water out with tremendous force. She sprayed everyone with it and as Oliver opened the door to escape, she sprayed him in the back. Oliver yelled at the sudden rush in his back. He figured he was already wet, so let her continue, and as soon as she finished he ran inside quickly to escape the freezing air. He quickly dried and ran back to his room. He did his daily things and went downstairs to the conference room to hear about the day’s activity’s.
“So today, we will be going to a horse and chicken factory. You will see the process of making glue, and the process of making the chicken you eat at dinner. So, If you’d please go out side, we will be their soon.”
Once at the factory everyone was pulled to the horse room first. A man came out along with the translator for the group. He had a diagram that showed how to make the glue from horse, and he started talking is his own tongue.
“Horse is first prepped. Shaved and cleaned for starters. Then, the horse is taken inside here and moved to the boiler room. It is put inside, and you have glue. Now, If you’d direct your intention to the door, you will see a demonstration.”
“A demonstration?” Everyone asked. But before anyone could answer another man came inside with a horse. He let everyone pet it, then he took it into another room. The horse neighed a neigh that sounded like pain. Then, moments later liquid poured out of a pipe next to the group, into a pot…

“Chicken is also, prepped first. Its feathers are pulled out, and then it is killed. It is put into a vat of water to decontaminate, then onto a conveyor belt. The machine polishes it off and puts the chicken into its finishing areas. It is then packaged, and sent off to places for people like you to buy. Now, here is an example of the chicken.” A man came out with a chicken this time. He plucked the feathers out softly, and the chicken stayed calm for some reason. Then he put it on a table. He picked up a knife and killed the chicken. He put the head into a trashcan next to him, and set it inside the water. He took out a chicken that had already been decontaminated and put it on the belt. The group walked down the isle as the chicken moved down. They watched the machine peel off bits of skin, put some sort of seasoning on it and liquid on it. It kept moving along and eventually reached the packing area. Real people worked in this area, and they put the chicken into a Styrofoam bin. Then they let it go. It was wrapped with plastic by a machine and put into a bin that was big enough to fit at least a thousand of them.
“Now that concluded our tour for today, thank you for stopping by, it was nice to have you.” The translator said with the tour guide. Tom led the group outside and once they were there, they saw that the truck which took them here was now gone.
“What are we going to do now?” Matt asked.
“Walk, I suppose.” Tom answered.
“Walk? Are you kidding me? I’m not walking that. It’s has to be at least twenty miles!” Taylor complained some more.
“Want me to carry you?” Chase asked.
“No, I’m not a fucking two year old.” Taylor told him.
“Then why are you complaining?” Chase asked another question.
“Fine I won’t anymore.” Taylor beamed.
“How far is it Tom?” Fi asked.
“Taylor’s pretty close, but I’d guess 15 miles.”
“That’s not that far guys.” Maxxie told them.
“Not that far? That’s like a five hour walk if you’re walking fast.”
“Then we better start then shouldn’t we.” Max said.
“Tom, is it really that long?” Oliver said.
“Don’t be silly!” Their translator said, butting in. “It’s 25 miles!” They all walked the 25 miles and about twelve hours later they made it to the hotel.
“See that’s why we left so early. We got there at 5:30, and it’s only 6:45 now. You still have plenty of time to do whatever you want. Let me fill you in on another secret too. We aren’t doing anything tomorrow, so you have a whole day to rest.” Everyone lightened up a bit at that and returned to their rooms.

“Seen any more imaginary Russian girls Oliver?” Matt asked.
“She’s real, I’m telling you. Shall I see if she’s come to visit tonight?” Oliver asked.
“Sure why not.” Oliver got up and went to his window he looked out and there she was. Out on the upper balcony, looking out into the surrounding woods.
“Matt, Matt! Come look!” Oliver yelled. Matt got up and went to the window as slow as he could muster. Then, he saw her.
“Wow, you weren’t joking. She isn’t half bad is she?”
“Not at all. I want that.”
“Maybe tomorrow.” Matt said as he returned to his seat on his bed. He saw the drawing sketchbook under Oliver’s bed and he went and picked it up. “Isn’t this Maxxie’s?”
“Yeah, he left it here.”
“And you’re not going to give it back to him?”
“I will. Just not right now.”
“Why not?”
“Memories… Fear of losing people…”
“Draw me.” Chase told Maxxie as he took his shirt off.
“No…” Maxxie said as he drew in his new sketchbook.
“Why not?”
“Just because.”
“Come on, you’ve done everyone else.”
“How do you know?”
“I’ve seen. The one with Matt, the one with Mike, the one with Kale, the one with Fi’s brother and her dad seeing too.”
“You’ve seen them?”
“Yeah in you’re sketch book. You have the drawing and the name.” Chase said as he undid his belt.
“No! Stop, I’m not doing it.”
“You’re a fucking idiot, you know that? ”
“Thanks, I pride myself on that.”
“Come on, I’ll be good and still and all.”
“You have a best friend who thinks you’re a freak and you’ll draw him? I’ll give you head. That’s friendship.”
“I’m not drawing your dick Chase. Get over it.”
“Hey Taylor I need to tell you something.”
“If it’s any problems with Chase, I don’t want to hear it.”
“You’ll want to hear this one.”
“No I won’t.”
“Please Taylor, it’s important, it’s about Reagan.”
“I know, I know. It’s fine I don’t care.”
“You don’t care?”
“Nope, he apologized.”
“And that’s enough for you?”
“Well, there was a bit more than that…”
“Okay, I get it.”
“Yeah. Any ways, how was your piano concert thingy the other day? I meant to be there, but conflicts.”
“I didn’t win. I got second place.”
“Oh, that sucks. Sorry.”
“Don’t be. Do you honestly care whether I win or not?”
“Of course I do! Why would you think I don’t.”
“Oh, no reason…”
The night flew by from exhaustion within everyone, and the morning was quiet from more exhaustion. It seemed as if no one was ever going to wake up whatsoever. Kale was the first to leave his room that day… He went over to Angie’s room and was about to knock when he heard voices.
“I was thinking, maybe we could get to know each other.” Tom said.
“We do know each other Tom.”
“Well, mutually. I was thinking maybe we could maybe explore one another, see things never seen before.”
“Tom.” Angie said calm and nicely. “Fuck off!”
“Why not? We see each other everyday, it could work. Why do you think I brought you on this trip?”
“Well, fuck you Tom!”
“Well your just a fucking bitch who fucks around with everyone!”
“Oh yeah?” Angie left the room and ran into Kale outside.
“I’m going to fucking kill him, he can’t talk to you like that.”
“No, don’t. It’s okay.”
“I’m getting him and that’s final.
“No!” Angie said as she grabbed his head and kissed him. She pulled away abruptly and said,” What am I doing?” She then kissed him some more and pushed into Kale’s room across the way.
Maxxie decided to talk to Oliver again so he went into his room. He opened the door and saw Oliver sitting down facing the other way.
“It says prick a hole in the bottle, and take a whiff of the joint. Then you sip out of the bottle Matt.”
“What the fuck?” Max said as he took the manuel Oliver was reading out of his hands. “No drinking, sex or drugs Jesus boy!” Max ripped the manuel and went out the door. This time he wasn’t sad, only anger filled his body. He banged on the walls and opened up every door. He eventually got to the room Kale was and opened it up. He stood looking at Angie and Kale in the bed alone, wide eyed. Then he ran off away and away.
Matt eventually got back to the room and this time Oliver was staring out the window, ‘unaffected’ still, by what he had done. “You see her?”
“Yeah right there.” Matt went over and saw her through the window.
“You going to do something about her today?”
“I don’t know. Should I?”
“I wouldn’t…” Just then another man came into view. The same man from the other night. He put his hand around her neck and slapped her cheeks. Twice. Then he whispered something in her ear. He let go and went downstairs.
“Oh my god. I’m going Matt you can stay if you want.”
“Hey, he’s leaving now.”
“Perfect, let’s go.” They left the room and went out of the hotel. They ran over to the house and tried opening the door. It was locked.
“It’s fucking locked, what now.”
“Don’t worry I have something.” Oliver took off his backpack and took out a metal bar. He jammed it into the door and it popped open in a matter of seconds. They went up the stairs and into the rooms. Oliver found her first and Matt came in soon after.
“We have come to save you.” Oliver said slowly.
“Help?” The woman said.
“Yes, we help you.” Matt answered. Just then an angry voice came from downstairs.
“Its her fucking dad!” Oliver yelped. They both hid. Matt under the bed. Oliver behind the door. The man came in and started talking. He slapped her and left again. Oliver opened up his bag and took out another item. A rope ladder.
“A rope ladder? Honestly?”
“Well, I brought it to sneak out, but it works here too.” Oliver stuck it under the bed and brought it over to the balcony. He let it down and told Matt to sit on the bed. Oliver led the Russian girl over to the ladder and the front door slammed shut again. She yelled something in Russian and started climbing.
“Hide under the blankets!” Oliver demanded of Matt. Oliver climbed down the ladder and off.
“Do this Matt, do that. I fucking swear. They always want me to do stuff for them, but never do stuff for me. Fuck my friends. Fuck my life. Good job picking friends Matt. Your friends are shit heads.” He mumbled under the blankets. He opened the blankets and looked out. The man was standing right next to him. They both screamed and he started chasing Matt. Out the door they went, on and on.
Oliver took her into his room and sat her down next to him. He stared at her a long while before talking. “If you only could understand what I want to do to you. Fuck with you, course your body, pretty much everything.”
“Sounds fun!” The woman said.
“You speak English?” Oliver said astounded.
“Oh yes. I learned from like the best American show ever.”
“What is your name?”
“Kanana, you?”
“Oliver.” He said breathing heavily. She took his hand and stuck it up her dress.
“Oh wow, what is this.”
“It’s okay, don’t worry.” Kanana stuck her hand under Oliver clothes and felt him. “Could you be any harder?” She said in her thick accent.
“Nope.” Oliver said astonished by what was going on.
“What are we going to do about Maxxie?” Angie said.
“It’s fine I don’t need to talk to him. We see eye to eye about some things.”
“I’m serious Kale!”
“Even with the way he gets around?”
“Okay, okay. I will.”
“Thank you…”
“Was I good?”
“Shut up Kale.” Angie stared at him for a long while and then kissed him again, repeating what happened in the first place…
“Hey Fi, want to go out? Just get out of here? Just you and me?” Taylor asked.
“Sure, where to?”
“Who knows. Let’s just go.” They walked out of the room and out of the hotel. They followed the path to town and went in the mainstream bar, which was empty, due to the early time of day.
“There’s no one in here. Let’s just go back.” Fi said.
“Listen, I’ve never been in a bar and left without being totally tattered, and I’m not going to start now. You wait, they will come.”
“We’re going to get people to buy us drinks?”
“Of course, what else? All you have to is look nice.” Taylor took off the jacket Fi was wearing and moved parts of her clothes around to make her more stunning. They sat there looking through the window, and within minutes a group of men in Russian army suits came and looked through it. They saw the two sitting there and Taylor put on a flirty face. She winked at them and motioned for them to come in. They nodded and went inside. Only one spoke English and he talked to them mostly. Drink after drink they all drank and within an hour they were all singing. Russian song after song came and went. They all sang at the top of their lungs and they got drunker and drunker.
Chase walked down the hall, trying to find someone to talk to. When he reached Oliver’s room he heard a girls voice and Oliver’s. He opened up the door silently and crept in. He lifted up the blanket they were under and saw them getting it on. He laughed silently and Oliver lifted his head out. Chase gave him a thumbs up and went out. He went into the big playroom, which had a pool table, ping pong table and a bar, and told them how Oliver was actually with a real person. Oliver popped up soon after.
“Chase what the fuck was that?”
“Just curious.”
“She’s nice though isn’t she?” Oliver said as Kanana came out too. The guys in the room whistled and were all shocked Oliver could get something like that.
The door slammed open, revealing Matt. He was covered with dirt, leaves hung off his beanie and the rest of his body. His only clothes were now ripped and he was breathing heavily. “I just got chased by a mad man. Out of a house, through the trees and bushes of that forest, through the snow on the ground, and through a cornfield. However, I think I lost him back in the corn, so I’m okay.” The man came in and smacked Matt on the head with shotgun he held, knocking him out. He saw Kanana with Oliver and grabbed him to remove him from her. By this time everyone including the two teachers were out watching, even though they failed to protect. Kanana went over and hugged the man. She kissed him on the lips over and over.
“Wha—Why is she kissing her dad?” Kale asked.
“He’s not my dad. He’s my husband.”
“Your dad?!” Oliver yelled. Her dad pushed Kanana away and once again aimed the gun at Oliver’s head. Maxxie who had no clue what was going on, walked down the stairs. He turned and walked down the hall and saw what was going on. He heard the gun cock, and he ran over. He pulled on the mans arm and relinquished the gun from his grip. Pushing Oliver out of the way he aimed it back at the man. The man laughed and took out a handgun from his pocket, aiming it at Maxxie.
Angie who was tired of watching, finally decided to take a stand. She ran over and put herself in front of maxxie. “That’s enough Maxxie!” She demanded. “Can we talk?” She asked the man.
“Yes, can we talk?” She said now pantomiming the words. Now, Taylor and Fi opened up the door and saw what was going on.
“Honestly? We leave you alone for two hours?” Taylor said in a drunken voice.
“And look what happens!” Fi said, finishing her sentence. The two giggled and giggled as they walked out and down the hall. The men that were with them soon came in too and saw the fight. They all removed their guns and pointed them at Hanana’s dad. He dropped the gun and they handcuffed him. They started mumbling in their language, Hanana translated.
“There is a charge for armed response.”
“Listen guys. I was just about to get up and go and kick some ass, but you came in. So I don’t know if this is very fair.” Tom said trying to sound bad ass. Hanana translated to the men and the men talked some more.
“They don’t care. They say by law no armed response.”
“And what does that mean?” Tom asked.
“Basically, you are so totally going to have to pay them…” They escorted Tom to a bank and he withdrew money.
“100, 200, 300,400…5000.” Tom counted and gave to them. They said thank you, or what sounded like it and left.
Maxxie went outside and around the corner to talk to Oliver, maybe for one of the last times. He had been drinking, and he still had the bottle in hand. The way he walked about clearly showed that he was drunk and could say anything. He walked up to Oliver, the vodka swishing about in the bottle.
“Hey…” Max said.
“Max. You tried to save me.”
“Yeah, well I am drunk. Or was drunk and still am.”
“You were right Max. I am a hypocrite.”
“Want a drink?”
“No I can’t. It’s not right.”
“It’s religion Oliver…It’s just stuff. You don’t have to believe in it.”
“Well, then where does that leave me? Huh? I don’t get to choose.”
“But, where does that leave us?”
“Take a guess.”
“Fucking hell…” Max said as he turned around and started to leave.
“I lost my virginity tonight Max.”
“Yeah? Well, I did nothing.”

“Oh, well at least one of us had a good night.”
“Yeah, I think its kind of funny that now that you aren’t a virgin you feel like following your religion. You no what don’t answer that. I already know that answer.”
“Yeah. So, I’ll see you later then.” Maxxie turned around and walked back into the building. He walked back into his room to find Chase looking out the window and Taylor passed out on the bed.
“Hey, sorry man. You know, I can still cheer you up.”
“Shut up.”
“Taylor…She’s totally out of it, completely wasted.”
“Chase. You gotta stop fucking around.”
“I don’t…” Chase took his shirt off and started to kiss the drunk Maxxie. Maxxie begrudgingly let in to Chase, his deceitfulness seemed to work. Chase took his shirt off and kept kissing him more and more. He moved down to his neck, and worked on removing Maxxie’s belt and pants. With Maxxie’s help he got them down.
Taylor opened her eyes at the noise and saw what was going on. She got a disgusted look on her face and gulped. Maxxie let it carry out for about five seconds when it hit him. He lifted Chase up and said,” Chase, we finally found something you’re not actually good at.”
“What?” Chase said, shattered by his statement. Taylor quickly closed her eyes as Maxxie redid his belt.
“Goodnight Chase. I’ll find somewhere else to sleep.”
“What?” Chase said confused about what was happening.
The plane was in midair they were on their way home due to being deported. Kale walked down the aisle and winked at Angie. She got a angered look on her face.
“Something wrong?” Tom asked.
“Tom, just shut up…”
Maxxie sat next to Matt and looked through his sketchbook. Picture after picture they flipped until one caught Matt’s eye.
“Kirra? That’s really good. You really did…You really made her look beautiful.”
“Well she is beautiful.” Maxxie shrugged and Matt nodded.
Taylor sat next to Chase, looking out the window with a sad look on her face. She thought about her words to make them perfect before bringing anything up.
“Yes herp?”
“Do you have something to tell me?”
“Uh, I dunno. I like your hair?” She gave him a shake. “No? Your top is nice?” She pursed her lips and turned her head. “Uh, I love you? Any of those?” She disappointingly shook her head and got tears in her eyes.
“No.” She turned her head and the first tear streamed down her face as she looked out the window. Fi saw her face, but didn’t say anything, figuring it wasn’t a good time.
Oliver sat by himself on this ride. He spent a long while just thinking to himself about what was going on. ‘Is life worth this?’ He thought to himself as the plane went on its way back home.
They all went home after the plane landed. None of them spoke to each other for the rest of the day. They all slept most of the time, and did nothing very interesting.
Taylor sat on the grass before school. She watched the boys fuck around, just having fun. She had a sadistic angry look on her face as she watched Chase do his things. Maxxie showed up soon after and had a skateboard in his hands. It was Chase’s and he was giving it back. Chase whispered something to him and Maxxie set the skateboard down. Chase lit a cigarette as Max got on it. Chase took a drag and then put it into Maxxie’s mouth. He rapped his arms around Maxxie ‘positioning’ him on the board. Taylor knew what Chase was doing even if Maxxie had no clue, and she was done with it. The end was near…


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simon n josh said...

Thanks for making my day, Jared.

the oaks said...

Thanks for reading and commenting. Well, I might have got carried away with Sebastian and the notebook..but it was more to come & well, even more with Jamie and Maxie.

Thanks Jared.

cait said...

Thanks for the note. I do appreciate it.

well, anoynomous has a point..yet I think from writing this you can learn from it. Hopefully, it'll give you more of an idea of how they talk and relate to each other. All is not lost.

maxxie and tony said...

Hey, thanks for the note. Well, I had seen pics of Mitch being compared to Lucas. & well, Mitch did get a role in a show a bit like high school musical after being on Skins..except they changed his hair and all where no sign of maxxie is visable. I feel a bit sad for him since I know he so wants to get into films. I heard him interviews. He knows if he could just get in one American film would possibly change his life, but you can tell he works himself and dancing really is important to him...and next comes mates. I suppose.

Hopefully, you'll keep writing. I know you will. All the best.

e.l. said...

Looks like you've got the foundation all down to hopefully seizing what you want with those in the story.

ellie said...

thanks for the note...I'm sure you'll have Maxxie in that next 'book'. Isn't he your favorite character?

Just keep writing and let it fall out on it own perhaps.

I have been working on something this month mainly about Nick. I kind of wanted to start a separate blog, but I liked intigrating (which I can't spell) into the rest of the other stories. Of course, I'm sure it wouldn't interest that many people anyway, but I really wanted to know more about the characters so I kept writing, and I want to write more about this character he meets.

So..just have fun.

ellie said...

So thats why I haven't heard from Em for a while..a big discussion going on ..on what to do.

Well, sometimes, less is more. I say that and then I go get started on some other storyline.

All I can want to look at it scene by seen..find enough meat to savor and then possibly have something on the side. I know that might not make sense. But it would probably be fun if she writes about the characters she likes. You write about the characters you like & possibly you break it up. I had one friend who always wanted to use more of a journalistic approach with her fan fic. She'd interview who ever. And she was always one of the characters. The problem was then her boyfriend really thought she knew Tom Felton.

simon n josh said...

I've always been write it..let it rest..then go back and read it again. Of course, this takes several times to comb through it. I'm sure I never quite comb it enough when editing...but sometimes, it feels as if you've combed a very hairy cat.

the oaks said...

write everyday..til its like something between and illness an addiction. I suppose. I'm sure your story will happen the more you think about it.