Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chapter 3: Matt Part 1

“Matt, wake up I need to ask you a question.” Kirra said as she pushed him around.
“Wha…?” Matt asked still half asleep.
“I think we should go on a date.”
“Yeah, whatever…” Still half-asleep.
“Okay, tomorrow I’ll meet you at your house.”
“Yeah okay sure.” Kirra kept walking around. She came to the kitchen, where she looked around. She looked at the calendar on Taylor’s refrigerator and it was empty besides November 13th, Moms Home! Kirra wondered what the date was when she heard Oliver outside saying some chant.
“What’s the date today Oliver?” She asked him.
“The thirteenth why?”
“I think Taylor’s parents are coming home soon.”
“Okay. If you don’t mind I’m kinda busy can you just go?”
“Yeah, cool, seeya.” Kirra said as she walked back inside. She walked into Taylor’s room where she saw her in bed with Chase. She went over to her and said,” Hey Taylor wake up.”
“What.” She said.
“I think your parents are coming home today.”
“No, they come back on the 13th.”
“It is the 13th.”
“No it isn’t stop being a bitch.”
“It is I promise you.”
“Go away and go actually eat.” Kirra left the room and went downstairs. She saw Maxxie asleep on the couch next to Fi. Fi was awake playing with his hair when she saw Kirra walk in.
“What’s up Kirra?”
“Oh not much, just waiting for the doorbell to ring.”
“Why, who’s coming?” She said readjusting herself.
“Oh, just Taylor’s parents, no problem.” Kirra went over to where Kale was and picked up a blanket on the floor and covered him up.
“No problem Kirra? What the fuck are we going to do if…” Just at that moment a knock came at the door.
“I guess no ring.” Kirra walked over to the door and opened it up.
“Hello Kirra! How nice it is to see you.”
“Same here. I was just on my way out though, so have fun in there.”
“Oh okay, come back soon darling, bye.” Taylor’s mom walked into the house with her new husband and walked around. When she saw everyone in her house, some naked, and mess everywhere she screamed,” What the fuck!” Everyone ran out of the house as quickly as possible. Kale, Matt, Fi, and Maxxie went out through the window, and everyone else including Taylor went out through the front door without a word.


Cait said...

yes, that memorable scene.

simon n josh said...

Parents. Dang them.

Anna Gray said...

no offense, but that was quite innapropriate. The cursing, the sexual all was kinda uncalled for. Especially considering you said the 'f' word like two or three times. It all was very uncalled for. You're a very, very, very, very, very, good writer though. If you take this the wrong way, please don't. It's just that there are younger readers on here and they/me myself don't need to read it. I am not trying to start a fight with you either. So please don't think I'm mad or anything. :0)