Sunday, July 5, 2009

Chapter 3: Matt Part 2

“Now Matt, you failed your paper and I have no choice, but to fail you, but there is one solution. I fought hard for you, as hard as possible and I got an extension on your final paper. It’s due to me by Wednesday.” The social studies teacher said as he handed Matt’s dad the paper. He scanned over it and said,” What the fuck is this! Are you a fucking 2nd grader!”
“Now, Mr. Denalt, I believe it isn’t his fault. Perhaps, to much distraction from his friends?”
“Yes, I’m sure that is one factor. Thank you very much, we need to go now.” Matt’s dad said as he pulled his son out of the room and into the hallways.
“Dad, I can explain.” Matt said.
“There is no need for explaining. You’re social train has stopped. Your life has been put on hold until you finish this you miserable little fuck up. Did Chase fail this?”
“And why didn’t he?”
“Chase doesn’t do history.”
“Exactly.” His dad said without listening to his statement. “What do you have next period.”
“That is it. You go to drama. Home. Coursework. No. Fun.”
“Why are you talking in such short sentences.”
“Emphasis! Drama! Which you should be at! Drama!”
“Honestly Matt. It isn’t that hard to come home and do your work to the best of your ability.” Matt’s mom said speaking up now that her husband was gone.
“I’m just not good at schoolwork mum.”
“Well, get good, or you know how your dad is going to act.”
“Yeah mom. See you later.” Matt walked down the stairs and saw the drama classroom.
“Be bad, fuck drama.” Maxxie said while joining his side.
“No, don’t listen to that fool, follow your dads directions.” Oliver said joining the other side of Matt.
“Yeah I think Oliver is right.”
“Fuck it man, why go to class when there’s so many opportunities in the open wide world?” Maxxie said.
“That’s true you’re right.” Matt said.
“Don’t fall for it, it’s a trap! Don’t!” Oliver responded. Just then Kirra came up from behind and said,” Hi Matty.”
“Oh hey Kirra.”
“Wow Maxxie, you look all horny.” Referring to the devil horns on top of Maxxie’s head.
“You can tell?” Maxxie said, not realizing what she meant.
“So Matt, I can’t wait for our date tonight how about you?”
“What date?”
“Oh you know. Anyways, I gotta go to my next class, see you later.” Kirra skipped off and turned down the hall.
“Fuck it?” Matt asked.
“Fuck it.” Maxxie and Oliver said in unison.


Anonymous said...

Hey this is Em here just adding in that Chapter 3 is a mockup with some additives to the episode.

simon n josh said...

I feel for Matt.

e.l. said...

oh boy..matt and oliver.