Monday, July 6, 2009

Chapter 3 Matt Part 3

“Okay I didn’t like either of these skirts, but which one do you think I should wear to the Amazon dance tomorrow?. This one says slut, and this one says I’m easy.” Taylor said to Chase. Chase stared off into the distance at Reagan, a “friend” from his choir.
“Yes Herp?”
“Which one?”
“Slutty one to my choir concert, and the easy one to the dance.”
“Choir concert?” Taylor asked.
“Yeah, you and Matt are going to come tonight.”
“Oh really? Where?”
“Over at St. Bernadicts.”
“The all girl posh bitch school?”
“Yep, tonight.”
“Sounds good.”

“So Fi, how is life.” Kale said.
“Pretty good, how is it to be alone now?”
“It’s okay. I can do whatever I want now though. Get drunk, high, you know.”
“Yeah, sounds pretty nice. How often you do those things?”
“Which one?”
“Oh every night.”
“What! Kale, what the fuck is wrong with you.”
“What does it matter?”
“What the fuck do you mean what does it matter. We want you to fucking live past twenty, at that rate you wont!”
“It’s not like I’m going to overdose or get alchohol poisoning. I’m fine.”
“You never know, one time and you could be dead.”
“I’m fine trust me.”
“That’s the problem Kale. I don’t…”

Matt sat at his computer trying to type his paper. He read through some of his notes on his topic “The Chinese Trade Routes with the Rest of the World” and read some of the books he had. He had barely written ‘In the medieval times, few had access to trade with the oriental countries’ when his dad came in, on a rampage.
“I told you, no sunshine.” He unplugged his television. “No more radio.” He put it on the television. “No more Ipod.” He put it on the television too. “No more trash magazines.” He did the same. “No more internet.” He unplugged the modem and took it with him. He walked out with the stuff in his hands and moments later a big thunk and crash was heard along with,” Fucking shit.” A knock came at the window and Matt looked over. He saw Chase asking to come in. Matt opened up his window and the first thing out of his mouth was,” What the fuck is this.”
“My paper. Or at least what is there of my paper.”
“Holy shit man.” Chase deleted the whole sentence and started to type, ‘The Asian countries of the Renaissance were highly secluded from much of Europe. The muslims had the route blocked off from the sea and land, and no solution was evident during the time.’ ”Go from there.”
“Eight o’ clock tonight, you and Taylor are going to St. Bernadicts, no questions, just come.”
“Uh, why.”
“No fucking questions.”
“Who the fuck is that, you better not be on your phone Matt!” His dad said as he marched into the room. “You better hope not you Fuck… Oh Chase! How nice to see you. You doing well in school?”
“Oh yes sir. All A’s and I’ve been trying to help young Matt here lately.”
“Oh how wonderful, thank you. Well, Matt doesn’t need any more help on this paper, and he really needs to focus, can I ask you to leave?”
“Yes, right away. I was just leaving anyways. Goodbye you two.” Chase walked out of the room and down the stairs and out the door.
“Why can’t you be more like him…” Matt’s dad murmured as he walked out the door.


past the point said...

Interesting conversations..very interesting.

sid and violet said...

Some people are very clever.