Saturday, November 28, 2009

Anecdote 2: Maxxie and Matt

“Max?” Matt asked when he heard the phone stop ringing.
“What’s up?” He responded.
“I was going to hop around to the hospital, maybe read him a book. I dunno. You interested in coming?”
“Yeah, sure. I’ll see you there.” They hung up the phone and left their spots. They eventually met up at the hospital and went to the elevator. It opened up after a bit and only one person left it. They clicked the button, and watched as the doors closed. The elevator then lifted up, on its journey to the top.
“How have you been?” Maxxie asked.
“Better, initial shock has gone away. Yourself?”
“Good,” he paused,” good.”
“So, I was reading about his status at the moment.”
“You were reading, Matt?”
“Yes…” He said through bared teeth. “And apparently, when you read to people with such statuses, they heal quicker. So… Yeah.”
“Ah, cool. Did they release when he should be healed yet?
“Four months, but if he’s not better by then…”
“Then what?”
“They’re going to ask to pull the plug. He’s almost ninety-percent brain dead. They said he has a chance to recover, but once the four-month mark passes without signs of recovery… His fate is very grim.”
“Oh, wow.” Max said, trying to stay calm. “Well, let’s read away.” The elevator opened up and they both got out. They went to the visitors center and to the sign-in sheet and noticed something peculiar.
“Dylan Dark? Who the fuck is Dylan Dark?” Matt asked.
“Uh, dirty blonde, blue eyes, about six foot, very American looking.” The nurse said.
“And he went to see Chase?”
“Yes, you don’t know him?”
“Never heard of him.” Matt said.
“Well, I guess he knows him. He’s on the certified visitor’s list.”
“Hmm, okay thank you.” Matt left then with Maxxie down the hall, and into Chase’s room.
“You think that was the guy who went out of the elevators downstairs?” Maxxie asked.
“Dunno, but whatever. If he’s on the list, that’s fine… So Chase. Buddy…What books would you like to read today? “Last Night in Twisted River” or “Southern Lights”?” Silence. “Ah, I like that one too. Last Night in Twisted River it is.” Matt took the first shift, they switched off every other chapter. Halfway through the book, they took a break and both left. It had been at least six hours, and they were hungry for food. They both started calling people and all met at El Satisto, a Mexican food and bar.
“How was your day Matt?” Taylor asked.
“Good, I guess.” He answered.
“What did you do?” Fi asked.
“Max and I read Chase a book.” Matt answered.
“What book Max?” Oliver asked.
“Uh, Last Night in Twisted River, I think.”
“Yup.” Matt added.
“You two have been spending a lot of time down there together.” Kale put in.
“Yeah. Trying to support him. Times running out, man. Only 4 months left.” Matt said.
“I was thinking we’d all go down there soon and bring a recorder. Record our voices, so when he recovers, he knows we were there for him.” Taylor said.
“I’ll go.” Matt said.
“Me too.” Maxxie said.
“We’ll all go…” Fi growled.
“Good. Anyone heard from Kirra lately?” No one answered. “Oh…” She paused. “God, you guys are a fun bunch.”
“Well what do you want us to talk about Taylor?” Fi said. “We all have our minds preoccupied with other things. It’s hard to focus.”
“So… Today when we went to the hospital someone named Dylan Dark had visited Chase’s room. Any of you know him?” Matt said, sounding very strange. Again, no one answered.
“Dylan Dark. Hmm, I think that was one of Chase’s old friends from prepatory school. Then they went to different schools after middle school, but I don’t know. I haven’t heard that name since the beginning of 9th grade.” Taylor said after a while.
“Oh, well okay… Interesting…

During the 2nd Month of Chase’s Absence:

Chase- Nearing the end of the 2nd month, his brain had slightly recovered to twenty-percent functionality. His accident, as severe as it was, didn’t puncture his brain enough and left it the ability to recover.

Taylor- She still is in shock of the accident, but has gone through some ‘self-alleviating stress’ therapy to help her move on. She has accepted the chance of him coming out of his state to be very small, and to not worry her self over his chance of living. After all, how far can love extend itself?

Kirra- About time to start posting missing child signs.

Matt- He feels deep down inside, Chase will come back, or at least that’s all he can tell himself. In his case, how far can friends bend to help one another?

Fi- She wasn’t affected directly, but was indirectly. Chase was their interesting fellow to drive their lives. He had all the parties to go to, he did all the stuff that made life interesting. She did want him to come back, but couldn’t admit it.

Kale- He now knew he did miss Chase. Even with all the things he had going on Chase drove him in many situations. As weird as Chase was, Kale wanted him back.

Oliver- He had regained his original life back, minus Chase. He was happy with all that was going on, but Chase was the missing link to the Eden of his own happiness.

Maxxie- He had the same views as Matt. Although Chase had done what he had done, Max figured you just have to live and let go of the past. He moved on, and now he did want Chase to be back.

Olivia- She never visited Chase once. It still killed her to do it. She had such a love hate relationship with him, it just was to hard for her to deal. Her parents put her in extensive counseling, but she knew she had to admit to herself whether to move on, or keep in touch with the absent Chase.

(When I wrote this, I felt a difference in my writing from the previous chapters/anecdotes. What do you guys think?)


fan fic said...

Yes..I think it was different. I could follow it more in the conversation..and I liked that.

just a little confused on the "releases" part..but really, it was good.

Stay inspire. Let your characters take you with them into their ..everywhere.

colin gray fan fic said...

There is some hope in it. I think they all still want to be friends..which sometimes takes a journey to get too.

elliestories said...

It'll be interesting how they are around him when he recovers. Keep going!

the oaks said...

Matt sort of reminds me of how Nic Hault really is in real life. He seems to have a certain sincerity about him ..especially, when he talks about projects that are dear to him or cast members who he has real friendships with.

Cait said...

Well..that was sweet of them. I like the idea that you are letting them do more than just be angry with each other.

gossip girls gone vamps said...

I'm glad you are writing again. Well..I've changed around my gossip guy blog..I just couldn't help myself.

e.l. said...

Hey, I tried to send you an e-mail from before..but I don't think it went through.

Hope the story is coming to you. Keep it up when you can.

All the best best on your creativity.

a degrassi moment said...

Hope you update soon. Something new I started. Riley & Nate.

ellie said...

Tom? what is that about?

a degrassi moment said...

Oh, hey..uh, I started this fan fic about Nate & Riley, but there will be other peeps in it too..

the oaks said... ya been..humm..I was wondering if you might know who this blond guy is in my header. My friend found his pic and asked if knew..instead I was inspired with the character "rupert".

simon n josh said...

I'm so sad Mitch Hewer isn't doing anything lately. I can't believe it. His High schol Brittania has been cancelled. Will he ever look like Maxie again?? Anyway, I had to put him in as a new character on my blog.