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Chapter 2: Kale

Chapter 2
Kale opened his eyes on this October day. He looked straight up at the ceiling and tried to remember his previous night. His head burned like a forest fire, and his vision was fuzzy. He grabbed the pills next to him, took one out and popped them in his mouth. He sat up and looked next to him. On the floor lay Chase, Taylor, Fi, Oliver, Max, Kirra and Matt, fast asleep. He got up from his spot and quietly crept out of the room and downstairs. No sight of his mom or brother.
“What the fuck?” He asked himself as he turned into the living room. The walls had been torn down in areas, and graffiti dominated the remaining walls. He wasn’t sure if it was something from the previous night changing his perception of the picture, or if it was all real. He turned into the kitchen, and saw his brother leaning against the sink with a coffee cup in his hand. His brother said nothing, but pointed to the table where a note and a big envelope sat. He picked up the note and opened it and started to read:
Dear Kale and Daniel,
Within this envelope, I have enclosed 8,000 dollars for you and your brother to share and deal with groceries and everything while I am away. I hope you both know I love you dearly, and I will miss you lots while I am gone. I just need some alone time, and it is impossible to get it in this house. Be back in a few weeks.
Kale put the note down and opened the envelope, and saw the wad of cash within it. “She isn’t coming back you know.” Daniel said to him.
“Why wouldn’t she?” Kale asked.
“Look, why would she even give us this money if she would be back in a few weeks? We have enough food to last a month, and there is nothing else we need, it’s the rest of the extra money she had, and she’s giving it to us. She’s gone Kale. Just like how dad left us.” Daniel opened up the medicine cabinet next to the sink, and took out four bottles of pills. “I was about your age when I started taking these, I suggest you start.”
“What they do?” Kale wondered.
“You know how mom always told you that you were going in for checkups every month when you were younger? Those weren’t checkups, we both contracted a genetic disease from somewhere in out family line, and it causes the brain to rupture. When I was diagnosed positive with the disease, they gave me these pills. They prevent the rupture, but not forever, and my time is coming to an end. So here take these.” He tossed Kale two bottles and walked out of the room.
“How do you know I’m positive?”
“File cabinet, diseases.” Daniel said as he opened the door and walked out. Kale went into the garage, and found the cabinet. He opened it up and there sat the file titled ‘Diseases.’ He opened it up and saw records of previous checkups, and on the front sat the document titles ‘Kale.’ He opened it up and found the other documents that showed he was positive for the disease. He burst into tears for he found out today, his mom is gone forever, his brother is going to die soon, and he is going to die soon.
Fi woke up to the sound of Kale’s crying. She ran down the stairs and followed the noise into the garage and found Kale lying on the ground, his head barred into his shirt.
“What the fuck is up with you?” Fi asked as she crouched down next to him.
“My life is fucked. Mom is gone forever, dad is gone forever, brother is soon to be gone to forever, me is soon to be gone forever.” He said over his emotion.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa start over.” Fi said, as she took Kale into her arms, trying to calm him.
Kale sat in her arms for a moment and responded after gaining control,” Today, when I woke up my brother gave me a note that stated my mom has left, and isn’t coming back. Then my brother explained how he’s going to die soon. Fuck this.”
“Wow. Anything else?” Trying to sound facetious to try and cheer him up.
“Yeah, look…” He handed her the file with his death note within. She took it from him and opened it and read it.
“Oh fuck. I’m so sorry Kale, and I thought my life was fucked up, shit.” She grasped him closer and burst into tears too with him.
“Shit now you’re crying, please don’t.” He said.
“How can you expect me too not? Your life is fucked up, and you’re one of my best friends, what do you expect?”
“You’re right, come on let’s go.” He picked her up with him and walked inside.
“Do you not think we should be going to the doctor and confirm that? Things could have changed you never know.” Fi said
“I guess…” He walked out the door with his keys in hand. He opened his car up and they both got in and he drove off to the hospital. Not a word was said on the way. They both walked into the hospital, and up to the front desk.
“Walk in.” Kale told the women.
“Oh, Mr. Richardson, how are you?”
“You know who I am?” Kale asked.
“Yes, I’ve been here many years and I have seen you in here quite often.” She told him.
“Wow, okay. Can I see doctor Kim now?” Kale asked her.
“Sure, I’ll phone her and tell her you’re coming. Go down the hall, and at the very end you will fine her office.” Kale and Fi followed her directions and they saw the office. They entered it, and it seemed like royal treatment.
“Right this way Mr. Richardson.” He was told. He was sat down in the doctors office with Fi, and seconds later the doctor came inside and sat.
“How are you Kale?” She asked.
“Good and yourself?” Kale asked.
“Good. Who is this?”
“Fi, just a friend.”
“Nice to meet you Fi.”
“Nice to meet you to.” Fi told her.
“What can I do for you Kale?” The doctor asked.
“My brother told me about it today, I want you to run more tests and confirm if its true. I want the results today too.” Kale demanded.
“Done and done. Please follow me.” The doctor told him. They both followed her into a room with nothing, but a machine in the corner. Kale followed the doctor’s orders and sat in the chair, and strapped the metal bar around his head. The machine lowered a bar with three lights in front of Kale’s face. The doctor put a black mask around Kale’s eyes, and started up the machine. The lights started to spin round and round Kale’s head. After some time, they were going so fast Kale’s head wasn’t even visible, only the yellow light rays being shot out was seen. After what seemed like forever, the machine started to slow down, and it stopped. The doctor went over to Kale and took off the black eyeglasses, then undid the metal band around his head.
“Get up slowly, you may feel a bit light headed, it is normal.”
“Hey, what’s new?” Kale laughed and got up. The doctor took him out of the room, Fi rejoined them and they both went into another room, full of television screens. She turned on 5 monitors, and told him,” This is your brain, in five different positions. Green means perfect, yellow means good, brown means area of concern.” They checked every monitor and in the end something unexpected happened. There was nothing there.
“Do you have to run the tests again?” Fi asked.
“The tests never lie, no. You’re a lucky man Kale. It has been reported that some have grown out of the disease, and I guess you’re one of them. Can I speak to Kale alone Hun?” The doctor asked Fi.
“Yeah, sure I suppose.” Fi left the room and once again took a seat in the chairs outside.
“Now Kale, I would continue to take the pills. You more than likely are fine, but the virus could be dormant, and it wasn’t picked up.” The doctor led Kale out of the room and back into her office, Fi followed.
“Okay, I’m scheduling you another appointment for next October.”
“I thought it’s gone?” Fi asked.
“It is, but just a normal check in, what goes can come back, you don’t want to play with fire.” The doctor told her.
“Alright then, anything else doctor?” Kale asked.
“Nope, that should do it. Goodbye Kale.” She walked over to her door and opened it for them. They both walked out, and walked out of the office.
“So what now?” Fi asked.
“Now, we go and get that money my mom left us, and use it.”
“But what if she doesn’t come back?”
“She’s coming back. You honestly think she’d leave us if my brother is going to die soon?”
“I guess not, but I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions.”
“She’s coming back, and were using that cash. That is it.”
“Alright fine.” They got in Kale’s car and drove off, back to Kale’s home.
“What are you going to do with all that money?” Fi asked.
“Party all night long.” Kale laughed. He pulled into the driveway of his house, and walked up to the door and opened it. Fi and Kale crept upstairs and saw that everyone was still sleeping.
“So what should we do?” Kale asked.
“Wake them up.” Fi suggested.
“Why not?” They both eventually decided to wake everyone up slowly and not be ass holes about it. They decided not to talk about Daniel, but they told them about Kale’s mom and the plans for the night. Chase and Taylor were given 1000 dollars to plan for the night, Matt and Kirra the same, and Oliver and Maxxie the same. Fi and Kale took the last of the 4000 and left the home.
“Fi, you take this money, I’m going to go. I need some time for all this to sink in.”
“What? Oh fine, see you later.” Kale drove off alone, searching for his mom. He needed to talk to her, he needed to find out what was going on. He went to the place she usually was. Work, cafĂ©, grocery store, and bars, but there was no sign of her anywhere. He drove and drove for hours and hours. The time went from 12:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M., before he actually did find something. By the train tracks, was an abandoned car, her car. He found it unlocked, and he searched the whole car. Nothing was there though, so he decided to check one more place; the train station. He drove to it, and on a bench, she sat, staring off into space. He parked his car and walked up to the bench and sat down on the opposite side.
“This is only going to make it harder.” She said.
“You know you’re coming back, so it’s making it easier.”
“Not the best choice of words.”
“Even if you were leaving, why would you?”
“Do you have any clue how hard it would be to watch your two sons die?”
“I’m not going to die, I went to the hospital today, it’s gone from my brain.”
“It will come back, I promise you.”
“And if it doesn’t?”
“I still have to watch your brother die.”
“Mom, we are going to need you, you can’t leave us. What will we do for the bills, food, and everything else?”
“I gave you enough to last you a month, figure it out from there.”
“No, you’re coming back, and you know it.”
“I don’t know yet.”
“So am I not fucking good enough for you now?”
“That’s not what I mean and you know it Kale.”
“Well, it sure seems like you do. You won’t watch my brother, but I’m going to live, but obviously my life isn’t good enough for you to watch turn to shit without you.”
“You and your brother are going to fucking die, I’m not going to sit and watch it helplessly.”
“Grow up and fucking bear it. You are a mom now, you have been for seventeen years. You should have grown up a long time ago and learned to love your kids to death. We need you now most of all, do not fucking leave us.” Just then the train roared its engine and horn as it came towards the station.
“You just don’t understand.” She got up and went to the boarding dock.
“So, this is it? You’re really leaving us forever?”
“I have no choice Kale, I am sorry.”
“Sorry? I’m not a fucking two-year-old. You don’t know sorry. Sorry is something you say after you hurt someone. Sorry is something you say after you lie to someone. But sorry is not something you say when you decide to leave a kid before he dies.”
“I love you, and you know I always will.”
“Talk is cheap. That doesn’t mean anything coming from you. You love me so much you’re deciding to leave me before I die. That sure sounds like love.”
“Goodbye Kale.” She entered the train, and walked down the hall.
“Fuck you mom. Thanks for everything.” He didn’t bother chasing her down, she was gone and there was no changing it.

“So Taylor, what do you want to do?” Chase asked.
“I can think of three things. One doesn’t involve anything, she said as she ripped at his shirt. Two we go buy spliff for the party later. Three we go and invite people for tonight.”
“One sounds nice.” Chase responded as he took her arm and pulled her up Kale’s stairs and into his bedroom. The did their business, and at the end, Matt walked in, not expecting anything.
“Oh shit.” He said.
“It’s okay, come join the party!” Chase said as he motioned for Matt to come over.
“I’m fine, thanks anyway.”
“Oh come on Matt, what are you afraid to get a little dirty?” Taylor asked him.
“Not my exact words, but I needed to tell you guys that everything has been taken care of for later, we just need you 1000 dollars to pay the DJ.”
“You aren’t getting any of it unless you come join in.” Chase said.
“How the hell do I join in? You guys seem to be done.”
“He may be done. I may be done. But you aren’t done.” Taylor said seductively.
“I’m just going to go.” Matt said almost reluctantly as he walked out and down the stairs.
“Did you get the money?” Kirra asked.
“No they wouldn’t stop fucking around, so I left without it.”
“Oh wow, silly Matty.” Kirra walked off and up the stairs. She walked in the room and told them,” I need that money.”
“Matt to afraid to come and join us?” Taylor asked.
“Then why wont he come?” Chase asked.
“Oh, I don’t know. Matty is to silly to understand, I don’t bother.”
Taylor laughed and said,” The money is in Chases jeans pocket.”
“Where is his jeans?”
“Over there on the balcony.” Taylor told her.
“Wow, that sounds nice.” Kirra walked over to the balcony door and opened it up. She walked out and picked up his jeans. She removed the money from the pockets and dropped the jeans. She closed the balcony door and walked out of the room. She returned to where Matt was and saw he was now with Maxxie and Oliver.
“Hey Maxxie, hey Olive.”
“Olive?” Max asked.
“Yeah, it’s a good name. Let’s see. He’s Matty, he’s Olive, and you’re Maxxie.”
“Wow okay then.”
“Kirra, how is it to be back in the free world now?” Oliver asked.
“It’s quite nice now. No more fake ‘happiness is the key to life’ voices.”
“Sounds nice. So all you did was listen to people tell you to be happy all day?”
“Pretty much. When I was admitted with depression and the problems with my brain, they gave me the pills and happy classes.”
“Happy classes? That sounds dirty.” Oliver laughed.
“Wow Olive. Still like a two year old I see.”
“That’s me, the two year old. So what are going to do now?” Just then the doorbell rang. Kirra went to answer it, and outside was the DJ, and everything to set up. They all contributed to the cause of the party, and it was all set up just in time.
The people came in herds, as they rushed inside the house. Kale had already missed at least four hours of his own party by the time he came home. He came to the sound of blaring music, and the sight of lights flashing everywhere. He entered the house, and went upstairs. He took his pills, which included the prescribed pills, his drug pills, and his Viagra. He went down stairs to go catch up with his friends, when he was stopped by Angie.
“Hello Kale.” She told him.
“Hey Angie, who invited you?”
“Maxxie did, he said you wanted me here most of all, so why not.”
“Of course Max did, have to get him later.”
“Do you not want me here?”
“Oh no, I didn’t mean it like that.”
“Oh okay, so how are you.”
“I’m okay, but there’s one thing wrong.” Kale explained.
“Oh, and what’s that?” She asked.
“Well, my best bud invited this girl here, and I really want to dance with her, but I don’t know if she’s interested in dancing.” Kale said trying to sound smooth.
“I think she might be.” Angie said as she started to dance with Kale. Kale felt the Viagra take toll,” Shit.” He said out loud.
“What’s wrong?”
“Oh nothing.” He said as he stepped on her feet.
“Ouch Kale!” She said as she looked down and saw what the Viagra had done to Kale.
“I gotta go, bye Kale.” She said abruptly as she removed herself from Kale’s grasp.
“What’s wrong?” Kale asked.
“I can’t do this, it isn’t right.” She said as she opened the door. Kale chased after her, but she got in her car and ran away.
“One more thing to add to my list of bad things…” He returned to trying to fine his friends, and he did find them. Maxxie was to busy freaking with Taylor to talk to, Chase was to busy with Kirra and Matt, and Oliver was no where to be found. He walked into the kitchen where he saw Fi pouring a glass of beer.
“Want some?” She asked Kale.
“Sure, why not.” She poured him a glass and he took it from her. “Cheers to the worst day of Kale Richardson’s life.”
“Cheers?” Fi said questioningly as she toasted with Kale.
“Why aren’t you dancing with them?” Kale asked.
“I was with Oliver, when some slut came over and took him away up stairs. How ‘bout yourself?” She asked.
“Max had invited Angie for me, but my pills killed me.” He looked down, and she followed his motions.
“Wow, I see. Well would you like to go out there with me?” Fi asked.
“I would.” Kale said. They walked over to where Maxxie and Taylor were and joined in.
Daniel went up to Kale and asked to speak with him. Kale followed him into the kitchen where the talked.
“Did you fine mum?” Daniel asked.
“Yeah, but now she’s gone, and she ain’t coming back.”
“You’re just figuring that out?”
“Well it took a while for me to realize what type of person she was. It just kills me how she could leave us like that.”
“She’s just like dad, but she had to stick around longer. Here.” He said as he handed Kale a piece of paper.
“This is dad’s address, I’ve been in touch with him for a while and when I’m gone go to him and he’ll help you.”
“What the fuck? You’ve been in contact with dad this whole time and you didn’t bother to tell me?”
“We all have. Mom never lost touch with him since the day he left. Then a few years ago she told me. Now it’s time I tell you.”
“Thanks, I guess. When do you think you’re going to be…gone.”
“I guess a few months, but I really don’t know. I heard you went to the hospital today from Fi.”
“Yeah, I did. Apparently, it has disappeared inside my body somewhere or has gone out.”
“Congratulations. I wish mine was gone, I’m going to miss this. These parties, you, everything.”
“I’m sorry Dan, I don’t know what I’m going to do without you too.” They both gave each other a brotherly hug and went there separate ways. Kale rejoined with the other three, and they all danced the entire night. “Hey hey stop that!” Kale shouted at two guys in the corner of the room.
“Stop what?” They said in a drunken voice as the continued to destroy their surroundings.
“You can’t do that! This is my house!”
“Like we give a shit.” They both laughed and picked up a pot that was on the table.
“Be careful with that, it’s an antique!”
“Oh really? Then you take it.” They threw the pot, but the throw was off and Kale was unprepared. The pot hit Kale directly on the head, and he was thrown into a endless sleep.

“Kale! Kale!” Fi screamed as she rushed over to Kale’s unconscious body followed by Max and Taylor.
“What the fuck is wrong with you two!” Fi yelled.
“Hey, it isn’t our fault he didn’t catch it.”
“Fuck off both of you!” Taylor yelled at them. Max carried Kale up the stairs into an empty bedroom.
“Should we stay with him?” Max asked.
“I don’t know, it’s up to you.” Taylor said.
“Are any of you going to?” said Max.
“I guess. Not all night, but for some of it.” Taylor responded.
“Yeah, me too.” Fi said, and they did. Bit by bit, the partying quieted down from downstairs until everyone was gone and only the four remained with Kale. Then eventually, only Kale was left in the house.
Kale woke up again this morning and his head ached even worse than the night before. He remembered everything that happened the previous day, and it only made his head ache more. He took his normal pills, but today they included aspirin. He went downstairs, and today’s house was even worse than the house the day before. Trash was everywhere, windows were broken, graffiti was everywhere, and the walls had holes in them. He went into the bathroom to do his normal things. He did them, and right when he was about to leave the house, his friends showed up at the door. Kale opened it for them and they rushed inside the house.
“Shit man, what the fuck happened?” Oliver asked.
“It wasn’t like this when you left?”
“Not even close, it looked almost perfect.”
“Then what the fuck happened…”
“Who knows.” Oliver again replied.
“What do you guys want anyways.”
“Just to see how you were feeling and if you had any plans today.” Fi said.
“We were with you almost all night. So, how do you feel?” Taylor asked.
“Yeah dude. You looked like shit last night, how are you?” Maxxie asked.
“My head burns like hell, but other than that and every other matter, I’m fine. I was planning on going to see my dad, my brother told me he lives nearby and will help.”
“Your dad?” Max said astounded.
“Yeah, apparently he still talked to my mom and brother, but not me.”
“How about I’ll go with you and you guys help with the house.” Fi said.
“Fuck no, I don’t do cleaning.” Chase said.
“Then don’t. I don’t give a shit whether you do or don’t.” Said Kale.
“Hey, I’ll go too, I want to help too.” Max proclaimed.
“Fine then, let’s go.” Max, Fi, and Kale left the house. They got in the car and drove off to the address listed on the paper provided by Daniel. They pulled in front of the house, and went up to the door. Kale knocked and a snooty, stuck-up woman answered the door.
“Yes?” She said.
“Hi, I came to see Charles.” Kale said.
“Kale? Is this Kale?”
“Oh my gosh! I haven’t seen you since you were a baby. Come in please, come in.” They all walked in and were told to sit on a couch.
“Are these your friends?”
“Yeah, that’s Fi and that’s Maxxie.”
“Obliged to meet you both. Kale, I would like you to meet your half brother. This is Chris.” (lol Marissa get it?) She said as she picked up a baby from a cradle. Kale looked at the baby and smiled. “How old is he?”
“Just turned two last week. Anyways, what did you need with your dad? Do you need money?”
“Well, I need his help more than money, may I speak with him?”
“One second honey, will you hold the baby while I speak to him?” She said as she handed him Chris and opened a door and went inside. The three sat there as the listened to the conversation from the other room.
“Kale is here Charles.”
“What!! Get rid of him now!”
“He needs your help though, won’t you at least speak to him?”
“No! He wants money or something, I know how his family is.”
“Please will you at least confront him?”
“I will not, and that’s final. It’s hard enough having to know Daniel, get rid of him!”
“Yes of course.” She opened the door back up and saw Kale standing up watching the door.
“He wants you to leave I’m sorry.” Kale jiggled in his standing spot for a while, and Chris fell from his hands onto the floor.
“Wahhhh! Wahhhh!” The baby went after the pulse of the landing reached his body. Kale ran out the front door as fast as he could.
“I’ll stay here and I’ll talk to his dad.” Max said as Fi chased after Kale. Kale ran and ran with Fi trying to keep up behind him. He ran until he got to a familiar place, the train station bench. Fi sat down right next to him and waited for him to speak.
“You know I talked to my mom on this very bench yesterday.”
“You---You talked to your mom?”
“Yeah, when I left you I went searching for her.”
“I figured that, but you actually talked to her?”
“She told me she didn’t want to watch us die, so she had to leave.”
“What the fuck?”
“Yeah, I told her she needed to grow up and bear it, but she told me I just wouldn’t understand so she had to leave.”
“Wow, that’s just not right. It’s your job as a parent to comfort your kids and help them, not run away…”
“Exactly. I watched her enter the train and leave, it’s hard to believe a person would do that you know?”
“I do know. That’s how I feel everyday with my dad.”
“I don’t know what I’m going to do now. My mom is gone indefinitely, my brother is soon to die, and my dad refuses to help me.” Kale said as he took a cigarette out of his pocket and lighted it.
“You know Kale, look at your life. You have all these horrible things going on at the moment, but you also have some great things in your life.”
“Oh yeah, and what is that?”
“Me. Maxxie. And everyone else that loves you. Those people who came to your house to help you today, they are your family. They would die for you. I’d say that’s enough in itself to make someone happy. Enjoy your final days with your brother, enjoy your days with us. Just don’t look at the bad things going on. Throw it all away, start fresh. Start new.” Kale nodded and Fi reached over to hold him. He laid his head in her shoulder, and they didn’t talk.

Maxxie watched her pick the baby up and soothe it.
“Now, there’s nothing I can do for you either so how about you just leave.”
“I don’t think so. We came here for a purpose and we’re going to get that purpose completed.” Max marched into the room where Charles was and saw him in a chair reading a newspaper.
“What the fuck is wrong with you. That’s your fucking son and you don’t have the courage to talk to him?”
“Who the hell are you to come in here and tell me what I do wrong.” He replied almost shocked at the accusations.
“I’m someone who gives a fuck for your son. But I see you don’t, which gives me all the right to tell you what you’re doing wrong. His mother ran away because she doesn’t want to see them die, and you’re doing the same!”
“She uh---She ran away?”
“Yes she did and by the looks of it she isn’t coming back.”
“Of fucking course. What do you want me to do!”
“Be a father…” Maxxie left the room and charged out of the house without another word. He got out phone and called Fi, but no answer.
“Come in her please.” A voice said from behind Max. Maxxie shout around and saw Charles standing right in front of him. He followed him inside and up the stairs to a higher level. They both went into another room filled with work papers. Charles pulled out an old file that was all dusty. He blew off the dust and opened it up.
“Give this to Kale and Daniel. Inside are things that will help given their state of crisis.”
“Thank you sir.” They both went back down the stairs and Maxxie left the house. He called Fi once again, and this time she picked up.
“We’re coming back, be five minutes Max.” She said.
“Oh alright, see you then.” Max hung out on the bumper of the car until they showed up.
“You okay Kale?”
“Never better.” They came back to the house all clean and nice.
“Hey how did it go guys?” Taylor asked as she saw them walk in.
“He gave Max this folder, but that’s it.” Kale explained.
“He didn’t give it to you?” Kirra asked.
“Uh, it’s a long story for another day.” Kale took the folder upstairs, alone, and opened it up. Inside were bonds and other papers signed Kale Richardson and Daniel Richardson. After trying to calculate the amount of money enclosed, Kale was shocked. An approximate of 500,000 dollars was addressed to him and his brother along with the deeds to an apartment near the school. Kale so ecstatic ran all the way down the stairs and alerted everyone about what was happening. Everyone of course was excited and Chase suggested,” Anyone up for partying tonight?”

They entered the club in a very “all eyes on us” way. They immediately started to dance, and they got drinks. Once Kale was totally hammered, he decided to start the real partying. He stayed at the club until closing hours in the early morning. He took a cab home, and he entered the house. He went up his stairs, and that was when he heard it. The crying pain of someone choking to death. He ran in the direction of the noise and he saw his brother in mid air pulling at a rope tied around his neck. He had tried to commit suicide, and he realized it was a bad idea.
Kale frantically searched for something sharp to cut the rope with. He opened up drawers, and at the very back of the last one, he found a knife. He cut at the rope as fast as he could, and his brother eventually fell to the floor.
“Daniel why! Don’t do this to me. Not another person, not another.” It was to late, he felt his brothers body go limp in his arms. Kale burst into tears. He squeezed his brother as tight as he could in his arms and cried into his shirt.
“Daniel…Why.” He screamed as tears streamed down his face.”
“Hey Kale! We came over to talk to you open up!” A call came from below. That was when they heard the screams coming from Kale’s mouth. Chase, Matt, Oliver, and Max pounded on the door until it came lose and went tumbling down. They ran up the stairs as fast as they could and they saw Kale sitting on the floor with his brothers limp body in his hands. The girls screamed at the sight and the police were called immediately.

The funeral was held the following Saturday. Everyone placed a gift in the beautiful white coffin Daniel was to be buried in. Each gift was some sort of memento, but Kale was the most generous of all. He put his brother’s share of the money from his father in the coffin with his body.

Kale followed the address his father had given him, and saw his new apartment. He spent the next few days packing up his stuff and moving it over. Once everything was moved in Kale had another problem.
He spent his last night in his original home, and woke up at his normal time. He went into the bathroom, and stripped off his clothes. He stepped in the shower, turned it on, but was rudely disrupted by an old homeless man.
“I’m trying to sleep here, do you mind?”
“What the fuck are you doing?”
“Uh, sleeping?”
“Get out of my house now!” Kale picked him up and tried to throw him out of the bathroom.
“It’s not your house when your leaving.”
“Get the fuck out!”
“Whoa, I think you need to leave this house like you’re supposed to.” The homeless man struggled with Kale as he went down the stairs. He opened the door and said,” Good riddance.” Kale tried to get back in the house in every way he could think of, but it was no use.

“This is how you do it.” Kirra said. Kirra walked over to Bryan and said,” Wow, I really like your top.”
“Can I uh, have it?” Kirra asked.
“Oh, it’s not for me, just a friend of mine needs it, he’s naked and all.”

“Max, I bet you twenty she won’t get it.” Oliver said.
“I’ll take that.” He laughed.

Kirra whispered into Bryans ears and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Bryan wide eyed, took his shirt off and handed it to her. Kirra walked away, when Taylor said,” Kirra you forgot the jeans!”
“Oh, that’s silly. Why don’t you get them?”
“Fine I will. Want to bet?”
“Fifty says you can’t.” Max said.
“You’re on.” Taylor walked up to another guy in the hall and said,” Hey Mikey, I was wondering if you could do me just this one little favor.” She pushed him against the wall and continued,” Could I possibly borrow your jeans?

“Twenty says she can.” Oliver said.
“Fine.” Max said.

“I don’t really want to walk around nude all day, you got any other offers?”
“What is this a fucking game?” Taylor asked.
“I just can’t sorry.” Taylor walked back in shame, she had failed.
“Fuck! What the hell happened!”
“I don’t know, what happened!”
“Hey I bet all three of you I can get his jeans.” Max butted in.
“What!” Taylor yelled.
“Take the bet or not?” They all agreed, and Max walked up to Mikey.

“Fuck what’s he doing?” Taylor said.

Mikey undid his belt and took off his jeans and handed them to Max. Max whispered something in his ear and brought them back, smiling. Max took in his payment of money and they walked off to find Kale.
Once inside the psychology classroom, they saw Kale with a towel around him sitting on the tables.
“Kale, I think we found something you may like.” Kirra said. “Just your color.” She said as she handed him the pink shirt that she had obtained.
“I got you these too buddy.” Max said as he handed him the jeans.
“Thanks guys.” Kale said as he put the shirt on and attempted to slide the jeans on.
“I see you got quite the crowd over here!” Chase said nudging Kale.
“Well once they see the slight bit of cock around here, they seem to jump so what do you expect.”
“Good point.” Chase agreed.
“Thanks Angie. For everything I would still be running around naked if it weren’t for all of you.”
“I told you Kale. We’re always going to be here for you.” Fi said.
“Well then again. I guess I could’ve just gone to my new apartment instead.”
“A little late for that now isn’t it.” Taylor responded.
“A little late for a lot of things though. Well, I’m going to my new home, anyone wanna come?” Everyone joined Kale except Angie, who said her goodbyes. They walked into the apartment complex, and up the stairs. They came to Kale’s room, and he opened it up.
“So where do we go from here?”


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I'm commenting, good job. You happy? Now right more.

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oh cool blog, thanks for the comment. Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Theres a lot going on here. I may have to wait until I can get more time to reading it more thorough. You know..not sure where one scene ends and the other begins.. Sorry.

Keep writing.

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Wow, these are long chapters haha! Considering that it's 2:23 am I don't really have time to read them right now, but I will in the morning hehe. It looks pretty interesting just by skimming through though! :) Keep it up!